World Cup 2019

  • Apparently no senior players in Russia's roster for WC. They're most local players in Russian league clubs.


    Kovalev Dmitry (Ural - Zenit St. Petersburg)

    Grankin Sergey (Berlin, Germany)


    Zemchenok Denis (Belogorye - Zenit-Kazan)

    Kruglov Pavel (Dynamo M - Lokomotiv Ns)


    Yakovlev Ivan (Torch - Zenit St. Petersburg)

    Filippov Igor (Ural - Zenit St. Petersburg)

    Vlasov Ilya (Dynamo M)

    Scherbinin Dmitry (Dynamo M - Lokomotiv Ns)


    Voronkov Fedor (Nova - Zenit-Kazan)

    Semyshev Anton (Belogorye)

    Podlesny Yaroslav (Kuzbass)

    Karpukhov Anton (Kuzbass)

    Surmachevsky Andrey (Zenit-Kazan)


    Andreev Evgeny (Gazprom-Ugra - Zenit St. Petersburg)

    Golubev Valentin (Belogorye - Zenit-Kazan)

  • USA's 16 players.

    S: Micah Christenson, Micah Ma'a, Josh Tuaniga, Michael Saeta

    OPP: Matt Anderson, Ben Patch, James Shaw

    OH: Aaron Russell, Thomas Jaeschke, Garrett Muagututia, T.J DeFalco

    MB: David Smith, Max Holt, Jeff Jendryk, Mitch Stahl

    L: Erik Shoji…to-Defend-World-Cup-Title

  • Who concocted this roster? :gone:

    Favorite players: M: Maxim Mikhaylov, Murilo, Serginho, Aaron Russell, Otavio, Simone Giannelli, Ivan Zaytsev, Tsvetan Sokolov, Michał Kubiak, Mariusz Wlazly, Pawel Zagummy W: Sheilla, Zhu Ting, Natalia, Fe Garay, Fofao, Gabi, Thaisa, Foluke Akinradewo, Wei Qiuyue, Ding Xia, Carli Lloyd, Fabi, Natalia Goncharova, Yuko Sano, Saoris Kimura and Sakoda

  • they have 5 setters 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Italy, as usual, trolling everybody calling for new talents to replace its aging stars. Here's the roster for the world cup:

    Palleggiatori: Riccardo Sbertoli, Francesco Zoppellari. Schiacciatori: Oleg Antonov, Oreste Cavuto, Dick Kooy, Daniele Lavia. Opposto: Gabriele Nelli, Giulio Pinali. Centrali: Simone Anzani, Davide Candellaro, Matteo Piano, Roberto Russo. Libero: Fabio Balaso, Nicola Pesaresi

    Just a question, what happened to Baranowicz? I know he is almost 30 (or already 30yo), but after his performance in VNL and WCH 18', I thought he had secured his presence in the main team. Of course, not as starter, we all know it belongs to Giannelli.

    But I think he was the better choice to replace Simone when he has some meltdowns (it barely happens).

    I could understand Spirito isnt there because he underperformed during almost the italian league, but maybe Blengini prefers young setters.

  • Apparently this setter Michael Saeta is going as a "serve specialist". The guy has no club and just trained serve all season for this (!)

    i watched some of his games in youtube (a couple of years back, especially when they play (UH), he played for UCI in college. Not so sure about this but i think there were times that he was their go-to person. He played Opp when their OPP got injured/graduate.

    You can check UHvolleyballfantoo for games between UH and UCI, maybe around 2016-2017

  • Saeta playing Opp


    i wanna see Siki play again. He was part of the FIVB U19 Boys' Youth World Champion

    Played with Uros, AA and Jovovic

  • About 28 hours until the opening match (Australia vs Egypt).

    Here is my prediction for the first day:

    jSgw5z0EPOLzdUi-Aomq7Q_48x48.png Australia 3
    lYah1Uqw37XdicC6C4HNqg_48x48.png Egypt 1
    wj9uZvn_vZrelLFGH8fnPA_48x48.png USA 3
    1xBWyjjkA6vEWopPK3lIPA_48x48.png Argentina 0
    5Y6kOqiOIv2C1sP9C_BWtA_48x48.png Russia 3
    1oq8Fy7ETpBpZNaCA22ArQ_48x48.png Iran 2
    yTS_Piy3M1wUBnqU0n5aAw_48x48.png Poland 3
    Xs33c9XVUJBX0IkeFn_bIw_48x48.png Tunisia 0
    zKLzoJVYz0bb6oAnPUdwWQ_48x48.png Brazil 3
    H23oIEP6qK-zNc3O8abnIA_48x48.png Canada 0
    by4OltvtZz7taxuQtkiP3A_48x48.png Japan 2
    joYpsiaYi4GDCqhSRAq5Zg_48x48.png Italy 3
  • Sadly, I think we will have our worst ever World Cup here. With this roster I don't see us beating anyone except Australia and the africans.

  • Probably not even Australia. AUS is not nobody that a strong team can easily walk through.

    Yeah, but the hope that I have vs Australia is that for some reason we always beat them very easily. They struggle with our style.

    Still, the problem with our squad here is not the talent (they are all very good young players) but the height. For example, we'll be playing with a 173cm setter and the two starting MBs that don't reach 200cm.

  • Australia looks REALLY good. They're going to deny Iran its Olympic ticket.

    Sadly, I think we will have our worst ever World Cup here. With this roster I don't see us beating anyone except Australia and the africans.

    Let me put a summary of what AUS has done this year:

    I remember AUS playing good during the last VNL. They had a close battle against Brazil and lost 2-3 in the first week, while losing 1-3 to Poland and US. At the second week, they defeated Germany 3-0 while losing to Canada 0-3, also having another close match with Serbia that ended up as a 2-3 loss in the end. Australia lost against Italy 1-3 in the third week, losing two other games against Japan and Bulgaria 2-3. They swept through Portugal 3-0 as they lost two matches against France and Iran 0-3 in the fourth week.They didn't hold a chance against Russia and Argentina and lost the match 0-3, but managed to win over China 3-1.

    Although they ended up being 13th, I think they showed a good performance that brought our expectations higher.

    During the IOQ, they got a set from Serbia and were just too close to make the game go for the 5th set. Serbia got the 4th set 32-30, so AUS lost 1-3. And finally the match against Italy, Australia was truly going for an upset, but eventually Italy got the game 3-2.

    Australia sounds so promising since they've done such a good performance against Brazil, Italy, and Serbia this year.

    During the recent Asian Championship , I think they defeated Iran 3-1 in the group stage and went to the finals without any lost match, where they finally lost to Iran 0-3.

    However, what makes me worry is their performance against Pakistan and some other weak teams in Asian Championship or VNL. They were about to lose to Pakistan but hardly managed to win 3-2 ( 21-25, 21-25, 25-18, 25-14, 15-13). I don't know why Australia is like this, sometimes playing good and superb against Giants but weak and unstable against weak or average teams.

    Since Edgar is back now, I think AUS can be a real threat to Iran and China for the Olympics ticket. Let's see them playing on WC.

  • Poland roaster?

    Poland is with 24 players in Japan and roster for next two matches is:

    S: Marcin Janusz, Grzegorz Łomacz

    OH: Tomasz Fornal, Bartosz Kwolek, Piotr Łukasik, Rafał Szymura

    Opp: Łukasz Kaczmarek, Bartosz Kurek

    MB: Norbert Huber, Bartłomiej Lemański, Michał Szalacha

    L: Jakub Popiwczak

  • Guys, do you have any info about Canada rosted ?…-cup-kicks-off-on-tuesday


    #3 Steven Marshall, Abbotsford, BC

    #4 Nicholas Hoag, Sherbrooke, QC (captain)

    #6 Ryley Barnes (Edmonton, AB)

    #7 Stephen Maar, Aurora, ON

    #9 Jason DeRocco, Winnipeg, MB

    #10 Sharone Vernon-Evans, Scarborough, ON

    #11 Daniel Jansen Vandoorn, Langley, BC

    #12 Lucas Van Berkel, Edmonton, AB

    #13 Byron Keturakis, Surrey, BC

    #19 Blair Bann, Edmonton, AB

    #20 Arthur Szwarc, Toronto, ON

    #21 Brett Walsh, Calgary, AB

    #22 Blake Scheerhoorn, Belleville, ON

    #23 Danny Demyanenko, Toronto, ON