Brazilian NT 2019

  • Nt season is fast approaching. With brazil unable to play for the annual swiss championship. Nt Players in brazil will continue to play for the superliga to be qualified for nt!

    Now here is the list i want for brazil nt 2019!!!

    Oh - gabi guimaraes



    Fe garay

    Opp - tandara but i more of bruna


    Setter - macris and roberta.

    Mb - carol gattaz, adenizia, carol, mayany

    Libero - leia!!!!!! but suellen is :wavy:

  • Will be interesting to see if Ze Roberto will give Macris and Bruna a "real" chance. But I don`t see that happening. Bruna should have played some VNL last season already but that did not happen.

    Ze will certainly find a way to have Dani Lins in Tokyo.

    Carol Gattaz is playing off the charts ... but I don`t see her returning to the NT.

    Is Garay really staying? or she came back only for the WCH due to all the injuries?

  • Ze will or else it will be his worst problem. Macris bruna has been effective in the wch. Bruna did not played since it was wch yr and ze came to a tactic to use his 2017 nt players which resulted to amanda being a starter, gabi palying one set per game and drusylla replacing her...

    Reharding fe garay, i know she still has it and still has to offer to nt!

    My worry for this year is tandar i hope she and natalia are coming back strongly from injury or we can have another mari and paula in the making.

    As for drussyla, im still checking for the playoffs if she could still run her team.

  • Adenizia will take a break from the National Team this year

    From her IG post, it looks like she is retiring from the NT. I'm a bit confused actually.

  • From another post I've seen tagged to her IG it said that she needs to time off to spend with her family/husband. The translate feature then said something about a surgery for her mother. I'm not too sure though.

  • From another post I've seen tagged to her IG it said that she needs to time off to spend with her family/husband. The translate feature then said something about a surgery for her mother. I'm not too sure though.

    She said her mother is having a surgery, but also she ( Adenizia) is getting married this summer. She mentions saying for 2020 only God knows what will happen, she will keep working hard, she wants another Olympic Medal and will be available if Ze invites her.


  • I had developed my love to adenizia! Sad! World championship finnish really affected her.. she wasnt used by ze!

    I hope bia, monique and roberta wont be considered to nt. They were not renewed in sesc rio btw.

    The battle for middles is for thaisa, carol from praia no. 1, and i hope mayany... mara is doing fine as well

  • FIVB interview with Carol.…work-and-respect?id=80721

    “If I were in a dream team, I would like to play with outside spikers Anne Buijs and Jordan Larson, setter Maja Ognjenovic, middle blocker Milena Rasic, opposite Tijana Boskovic and libero Monica De Gennaro.”

    “I love to block,” Carol said. “For me two things are important to observe before blocking. First, I try to read the setter as much as I can and do not move until she sets the ball. Second, I make sure to have good timing before I decide to jump. Paying attention to those actions helps me a lot in my position.

    “I really like to use cross-steps to block. When I can move my feet like that, I feel the spiker’s timing better and I can keep my arms better over the net. By doing this, I try to leave less space for my opponent to spike.

  • Carol will i think be starter this season because ade is on leave and will fight for her spot next year!!!!!

    Im liking the idea of her, thaisa, mayany in the selection.

    Bia is ok though..

  • Carol can do a slide attack.

    Thaisa ive seen her doing it as well.

    But carol gattaz is the queen, her proncess is juciely. Hahaha

    Bia is getting there but her slide attack isnt a spike, its just a drop!

  • Thaisa and Bia are awful as sliders. Carol is just okay.

  • We don't have any good sliders right now and that's a fact. Carol Gattaz could be good? Yes, but she has said already that if she decides to join the NT, it will be for the Olympic Games. So I don't think we'll see Gattaz on the court with Brazil NT this year.

    Bia used to be good in slide attacks when she was a junior player, but then she transferred to Sesi and Fabiana was the one to play this role in the team, and she started to develop better her attack in front of the setter. But nowadays she hasn't been reliable in either attempt. Based on the middles' performances in this Superliga, I guess Thaisa or Carol can attack more slides with the NT.