Brazilian NT 2019

  • I don't think Fabiana today is any better than Carol, for instance. She is becoming super low nowadays and today volleyball is super fast (more fast than played in Superliga). I love with all my heart Fabiana, but I don't think Brazil need her.

    And, about Sheilla... Is a complete JOKE one "retired" player returning and only because she is Sheilla, she is automaticaly in the NT, bullshit. Ze is brainless.

  • MB position is the least problematic position for Brasil, bia and Carol are just fine. About Sheila, I have mixed feelings. She wasn't good at all in her last 2 seasons while she was still playing and now she is coming back from inactivity, it is hard to believe she is any better her last shape. However, she is Sheila, having her on the bench would be more useful than Lorenne or other Brazilian opps. To me Leia is doing a great job at both reception and defense, no suelen please

  • Suelen got called because at some point in the next weeks the NT will need two complete 14-player teams because of the Pan American Games.

  • One thing I hate is letting players who decide to retire to come back after a 3-year absence. It's certain that they're coming back exclusively to the Olympic Games next year, and right after they'll retire again.

    I am not totally against having players like Fabiana in the NT. She isn't young but she still can play well and IMO she's better than Bia and Mara. The problem for me is not playing with the team throughout the Olympic cycle. This is not good for any team because it's hard to create an "identity" of the team. For example, last year's team was really good at blocking, and the current one is struggling with this skill due to the absence of players who used to be starters last year.

    I believe we managed to win both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics because we had almost the same team on the court. And certainly next year we will have a whole different team again because I am sure Ze is going to let Dani Lins, Fabiana, Sheilla, Brait, Garay play (if they want to).

  • I don't think Sheila and Fabiana are back simply because they wanted to and because they want to be in Tokyo.

    Ze Roberto has been bagging them to come back. They are back because Ze tells them the team is not doing well and he needs them. They are doing it for the country and not for themselves.

    Fabiana can still put a team on her back...just like she did in the past 2 playoffs. way to guess what she can do until next season. I would assume she will be starting for Minas with Bruna on the bench.

    I'm fine with them back. It just makes it more exciting beating Brazil for sure. And with a healthy Natalia-Gabi-Garay-Tandara...Brazil will be a serious contender for Gold.

  • Knowing how he is, I will not be surprised at all if Ze cuts Macris next year and take Dani Lins and Fabiola to Tokyo.

    And don't forget Roberta, who was already cut for Fabiola in 2016! I know it's an unpopular opinion but I like Roberta more than Macris, I really hope she won't be cut,she has been with the team since the beginning of this quad

  • I don't think Sheila and Fabiana are back simply because they wanted to and because they want to be in Tokyo.

    Ze Roberto has been bagging them to come back. They are back because Ze tells them the team is not doing well and he needs them. They are doing it for the country and not for themselves.

    Come on, of course they're doing this for themselves. They could easily say no, like Fofão and Walewska did. Zé Roberto hired Fofão in Fenerbahçe (season 10/11) only to keep bagging her to come back on a daily basis after the terrible season Dani Lins and Fabíola had with the NT.

  • Brazil has Tandara, Natalia, Gabi and Garay. These four are good enough for the Olympics. Natalia can be the 2nd Opp to rest Tandara. If they need another spiker it should be a younger player like Paula or Lorenne.

    Fabiana still has it. Carol is definitely better than her at the moment but she is definitely better than Beatriz.

    Suelen has amazing defense but she is a poor receiver and we know Brazil relies heavily on good reception. Leia is a far better receiver. Brait is even a better receiver than Suelen.

  • This thread is full of overreactions.

    We don't know what's on Ze's mind right now.

    I hope he learns from his mistakes that led to the embarrassing placement in world championship. As a cautiously optimistic person. I have a feeling he is doing the right thing with this movement.

    While I don't like that retired players coming in to play. It still doesn't mean they are returning to the selection without merit or that they are officially coming out of retirement.

    People also need not to forget that the current selection is old and most especially Tandara is not experienced enough to mentor the new players. She probably considers Lorenne and Paula as rivals and that may affect their progress while Sheilla might think of them as students as she should be at this point of her life.

    This is probably for the best rather than have this beautiful artists of the game stucked analyzing games for SporTV or Globo.

    P.S. I don't think Fabiana or Sheilla will return to their previous functions. This is probably their pre-season practice especially for Sheilla who have zero professional volleyball since Rio.

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  • If Sheilla does the unthinkable and miraculously gain even just a portion of her former self just enough to be competitive again, she will be the starting Opp in Tokyo.. Mark my words you heard it from me first :whistle:

  • I actually wanted to have camilla brait as returning player as holder for the libero position.

    for fabiana, i know she is above the rest but im ok with carol and bia. But im more of fabiana than carol gattaz

    For sheila. She has been a household name, but i like to put edinara or rosamaria.

  • setter macris n fabiola is already tokyo 2020

    Tanda as opp bruna/rosamaria as back up

    Oh gabi tainara fe garay natalia if still injured il opt for dryssyla

    Mb is really a toigh battle im ok with bia carol n mayanny.

    Libero is camilla brait

  • 1. Where’s the merit of being called to the NT after being out for 3 Years? She’s a legend for me, but she doesn’t deserve any special treatment just because she WAS once a great player. If she prove herself next season, ok, then she deserves it, but definitely not now.

    2. They said they’ve changed their minds and now they want to compete with the NT. How that isn’t a come back from retirement?

    3. And come on... do you really think Tandara sees both Lorenne and Paula as competition? Geeezzz... it’s Lorenne and Paula. On the other hand, how is Tandara feeling about Sheilla returning? She’s probably pissed because she knows that if Sheilla do anything good, she’ll be a starter in Tokyo even though she was away since 2016.

  • Hey Brazil people, Ivna Colombo has joined my Golden Girls in Himeji, Japan. Her resume doesn't look that good to me, she played only one WGP with Brazil, and she doesn't even merit a Wikipedia page. What say you? Will she be an upgrade or downgrade from Suelle Oliveira?