Brazilian NT 2019

  • did she really retired because she doesn't want to play for NT anymore or because she knows that Ze will bring Brait to Tokya anyway?:teach:

    Well, she had already retired after 2016, although not officially I think? In 2017 and 2018 she chose to stay with family and deal with personal issues. Apparently she only chose to come back this year because she felt better and wanted to close this chapter. It seems she had already informed the other players about her decision months ago.

    Gold - European Championship 2013 (M) Prediction Game
    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

    Bronze - Volleyball Nations League 2019 (W) Prediction Game

  • Every other team has step up their game and Brazil seems to be a bit shaky. But they gave China one hell of a match in WC so there is hope. Macris + Roberta, Natalia + Gabi, and Lorenne are the secured spots for me.

    Yeah! Me too! Im okay with roberta and macris. Il be happy if fabiola will be considered. But this may mean macris is in danger. I know all of you wont agree but for me roberta is better than macris.

    Im aiming for 100 percent natalia, a slim tandara.... :)

    Gabi is ready.

    Camila brait or suelen but suelen is a disaster in the pass.