Polish NT 2019

  • I would like to start this topic finally as I'm realy courious what will happen during this year, as one big thing will happen.

    Of course, starting from 24th July, Wilfredo Leon will be allowed to play for Polish NT. It means his absence only at VNL.

    As Poland defented World champion title, it give really big relief to me, as nobody will say that Poland won anyting thanks to Leon. But will we win anything?

    As for the all of the NTs, Olympic qualification is the most important, then European Champs, and World Cup at the end. There will be two national teams this summer as World Cup start right after European Champ and there is big possibility that B team will play at WC.

    My roster for 2019:

    Setters: Drzyzga, Kędzierski, Komenda, Łomacz

    Opps: Kurek, Konarski, Kaczmarek, Muzaj

    MBs: Kochanowski, Nowakowski, Bieniek, Lemański, Kłos

    OHs: Kubiak, Szalpuk, Śliwka, Leon, Mika, Kwolek, Bednorz

    Libero: Zatorski, Wojtaszek, Popiwczak

    I can't see place for Damian Schultz. He was good when he had good coach at the club. Now in Resovia he is playing very average and this level won't provide any success at world courts. Also he was not impressive at WCH18 so I can easily forget him.

    Fight for MB spots will be very interesting. For this summer Karol Klos will return and he has chances. Lemański is decent in PlusLiga, and may be useful in B team. Actually three main places for MB right now are Bieniek, Kochanowski and Nowakowski.

    Opps - Kurek and somebody else :D i cheer to Konarski

    Setters - Drzyzga is number one; I really don't like Łomacz as he is so so simple player. Time for sombody younger and more creative. But I appreciate Łomacz as team member, he is important person for Vital, so probably he will be 2nd setter.

    OHs - fight of the season. I see three certain spots for Kubiak, Szalpuk (if he will be healthy) and Leon. Then i have dig dream that Mika will be the 4th player. If not him, Śliwka will be useful with his smart behaviour. Bednorz plays really good season at Modena, but I have impression that Vital doesn't see him in his team. Especially comments after VNL about relaitons Bednorz-Vital gave me such impression. Kwolek actually is very young for this position and the weakest at the moment, but maybe in the future as Kubiak replacement. Difficult choice.

    Libero - Zatorski... and that's all.

    We won/succeed in many tournament in the past, but now for the very first time I see our NT as main favourite in the nearest future. I didn't have such impression before (despite succeses) as this is volleyball and everything can happen, but such strange certainity appeared - WCHs + Leon, Gosh!

  • We won/succeed in many tournament in the past, but now for the very first time I see our NT as main favourite in the nearest future. I didn't have such impression before (despite succeses) as this is volleyball and everything can happen, but such strange certainity appeared - WCHs + Leon, Gosh!

    True, with Leon, a player who's at his own tier in this planet, plus the team winning WCh. This team doesn't have holes on court, and Leon can stay focused on being the terminator!

  • I think Leon/Kubiak is a no-brainer for the starting spots and compliment eachother well. As for the other spots I would go Szalpuk>Sliwka>Kwolek>Mika. Mateusz has had a pretty brutal season and there are simply too many other talents at the position.

    I agree that Schulz is having an average season, but think he will get a look based on his performace last summer. Muzaj has been playing out of his mind for Gdansk though so I think he should get some consideration by heynan as well.

  • Just to let you know :)

    Bolesław Grzyb, manager of Wilfredo Leon:

    Is your management agency planning to bring to Poland another talented players or competitors from Cuba?

    Something's up, but I can not reveal details yet. Apparently, the Cuban federation is planning to abolish this restrictive system and allow competitors to sign professional contracts abroad. As of today, the situation is that the Cuban federation only loses the big money for the possibility of playing Cubans in other national teams going to the FIVB account. On the other hand, maybe something is in the fact that the players who want to get out of there know that they have a chance for another life and that's why they play so well.

  • Is it a chronic injury or an injury that he suffered during a match / practice?

    It’s chronic. He was suffering back ache for a last few months and he was taking pills. But finally ache was so strong that he decided that it can’t be that way, he need to be fully recovered.

  • Vital Heynen, trener reprezentacji Polski mężczyzn w porozumieniu z Pionem Sportu i Szkolenia PZPS powołał szeroką kadrę na sezon 2019.

    Trener mistrzów świata zastrzega, że w prezentowanym składzie może dojść do korekt.

    Szeroki skład kadry Polski mężczyzn na sezon 2019

    Bartosz Bednorz – Azimut Modena (Włochy), przyjmujący

    Mateusz Bieniek – ZAKSA SA Kędzierzyn-Koźle, środkowy

    Bartłomiej Bołądź – VfB Friedrichshafen (Niemcy), atakujący

    Fabian Drzyzga – Lokomotiw Nowosybirsk (Rosja), rozgrywający

    Bartosz Filipiak – Łuczniczka Bydgoszcz, atakujący

    Jan Firlej – Lindemans Aals (Belgia), rozgrywający

    Tomasz Fornal – WKS Cerrad Czarni Radom SA, przyjmujący

    Jędrzej Gruszczyński – Cuprum Lubin SA, libero

    Paweł Halaba – Hypo Tirol Alpenvolleys Haching (Niemcy), przyjmujący

    Norbert Huber – WKS Cerrad Czarni Radom SA, środkowy

    Marcin Janusz – Trefl Gdańsk SA, rozgrywający

    Łukasz Kaczmarek – ZAKSA SA Kędzierzyn-Koźle, atakujący

    Karol Kłos – KPS PGE Skra Bełchatów SA, środkowy

    Jakub Kochanowski – KPS PGE Skra Bełchatów SA, środkowy

    Marcin Komenda – GKS GieKsa Katowice SA, rozgrywający

    Dawid Konarski – KS Jastrzębski Węgiel SA Jastrzębie-Zdrój, atakujący

    Michał Kubiak – Panasonic Panthers Hirakata (Japonia), przyjmujący

    Bartosz Kurek – ONICO Warszawa, atakujący

    Bartosz Kwolek – ONICO Warszawa, przyjmujący

    Wilfredo Venero Leon – Sir Safety Perugia (Włochy), przyjmujący

    Grzegorz Łomacz – KPS PGE Skra Bełchatów SA, rozgrywający

    Piotr Łukasik – ONICO Warszawa, przyjmujący

    Maciej Muzaj – ONICO Warszawa, atakujący

    Piotr Nowakowski – Trefl Gdańsk SA, środkowy

    Jakub Popiwczak – KS Jastrzębski Węgiel SA Jastrzębie-Zdrój, libero

    Damian Schulz – Asseco Resovia SA Rzeszów, atakujący

    Michał Szalacha – Łuczniczka Bydgoszcz SA, środkowy

    Artur Szalpuk – KPS PGE Skra Bełchatów SA, przyjmujący

    Aleksander Śliwka – ZAKSA SA Kędzierzyn-Koźle, przyjmujący

    Damian Wojtaszek – ONICO Warszawa, libero

    Andrzej Wrona – ONICO Warszawa, środkowy

    Paweł Zatorski – ZAKSA SA Kędzierzyn-Koźle, libero

    Sztab trenerski i medyczny

    Vital Heynen – trener

    Mieszko Michał Gogol – asystent trenera

    Sebastian Pawlik – asystent trenera

    Paweł Woicki – asystent trenera

    Jakub Gniado – trener przygotowania fizycznego

    Fons Vranken – trener przygotowania fizycznego

    Robert Kaźmierczak – statystyk

    Jan Sokal – lekarz prowadzący

    Krzysztof Zając – lekarz

    Wiesław Maroń – lekarz

    Tomasz Pieczko – fizjoterapeuta

    Paweł Brandt – fizjoterapeuta

    Elżbieta Poznar – kierownik drużyny

    Andrzej Wołkowycki – kierownik zaopatrzenia

    Hubert Tomaszewski – menadżer


  • After watched some games of Zaksa, I would not call up Aleksander Śliwka for national team. His performance this year in club season is very bad,

    I can't agree more that Mateusz Malinowski should be call up for national team!

    Same, Sliwka is super shaky. I wouldn't call Kaczmarek either, imo he showed absolutely nothing special. Deroo is by far ZAKSA's biggest asset.

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