Polish NT 2019

  • Polish journalists spoke about Kurek. He didn’t start to train yet and he is not with the core group. Chance that he will play in OQ is actually zero and probably he will not play during this season at all.

    If he doesn’t train yet, it means for me that he will not be able and useful to play during OQ. Maybe ECH or WC will be for him just to warm up before club season.

  • Accoriding to president of Polish Federation, Bartosz Bednorz, Bartosz Kwolek, Maciej Muzaj, Łukasz Kaczmarek and Karol Kłos will join core team which is training in Zakopane, so 17 players in total.

    Roster for OGQ and ECH:

    S: Drzyzga, Łomacz

    Opp: Konarski, Muzaj, Kaczamarek

    MB: Nowakowski, Bieniek, Kochanowski, Kłos

    OH: Leon, Kubiak, Szalpuk, Śliwka, Bednorz, Kwolek

    L: Zatorski, Wojtaszek

  • kaczmarek? i thought komenda did a much better job... of course, different positions, but kaczm. wasn't too impressive.

    Totally agree. Polish journalists pointed that Heynen is tied to some names and there is Łomacz unfortunately. But good that there valuable is player that can be added to the team anytime.

  • I just recently "discovered" Tomasz Fornal? Any updates about him? He was on the roster for VNL but I guess he is still not good enough even for second/third team?

  • Tomasz Fornal is one of the guys from Polish golden generation 97/98, he was in starting six with Kochanowski, Kwolek and Huber. He was/is the biggest hope next to Kochanowski. He had decent last season in Polish league.

    Before WCH 2018 he was called as support for the main team (15 players in total were training then) and because Vital promised to those 14 players that they will play during 2018 WCH, he was cut before tournament but Vital said that he made mistake with that promise and if not that he would take him to Bulgaria/Italy. He became somehow Vital’s favourite from young generation but he didn’t play well from the beginning of the NT season. He had problems with scoring and during last tournament in Lipsk he twisted ankle. It wasn’t serious injury but he was still not able to play during the finals and because of that we didn’t have sub for Kwolek. He is promising and very talented but has to improve a lot. Probably we will se him during this years World Cup.

  • This is racist, and you don't get to tell me otherwise unless some Iranian and Arab users can confirm to me that it is not racist.

    i dont say that i agree with that comment. i posted because you asked for it.

    Didomak IR

    Mr. Kubiak has a right to be upset with Iran volleyball fans and players. In all sports, Iranian fans and player show little tolerance specially when they lose a game. This was the case in IRAN-JAPAN football match.

    Too many pressure for winning makes players upset and nervous. Besides Iranian fans overwhelm players and teams with no respect.

    Iranian sport officers must show most responsibility for these kind of happenings. My late brother was a national volleyball player and he suffered the issues in all his matches as a plyer or a coach.

    So as an Iranian citizen, I feel partial sympathy with Mr. Kubiak.

    The answer of Kubian

    Dear fans!

    Due to unnecessary media noise which was result of the interview I gave to Jerzy Mielewski in "Prawda Siatki", I declare that:

    First of all – like everyone else – I have the right to my own opinion.

    Secondly, I have the right and even the duty to answer when my family, my friends from the playground and myself are object of threats and insults from the opposing team's players and their aggressive fans. And such situations took place during matches with Iran national team.

    I strongly emphasize that the words that I said were directed only to people I personally dealt with, i.e. volleyball players and their chauvinist fans.

    I express regret that my words may have misunderstood. Maybe I spoke them in the wrong context. At this point, I would like to point out that I am so far away from xenophobic views that I have been credited for several days. Racism, lack of respect for national colors and opponents are unacceptable and invaluable to an athlete. At the same time, I have to emphasize that I do not change my opinions on Iranian volleyball players and fans who have insulted my family and friends.


    Michał Kubiak


    "We are very emotional and sometimes such provocations are inevitable but only in the heat of battle. It has nothing to do with personal animosities. The match is over and I've already forgotten everything that Kubiak said. I respect him because he is really a great player in terms of sports level. He is among the world’s top players,”

    “Kubiak has his own style and I am not going to talk about him, because we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. I have read several books about the history of Iran and Poland. Relations between our countries have always been good,”

    “I've already forgotten what Kubiak said. Outside the game, we are all friends together, but on the pitch, sometimes we are angry with together. Personally, I have very good contacts with many players from different countries. Undoubtedly, I will shake hand with Kubiak in Chicago,

    Igor Kolakovic

    “Dear Michal Kubiak, you are the great volleyball player, but you have the right to make a mistake. Come to Iran, please, to see how wonderful people live here,” Kolakovic wrote on his Instagram.

    Another Drama between Iran and Agamez

    Kubiak against Iranian players for another time

  • Nope this doesn't do it for me, he is done for me. He should own up to what he said and if he's truly not a racist, he would really feel sorry and sad people thought about him that way and apologize immediately. Instead he is good-talking his actions. :aww: what a trash response btw from him, good thing they told him he should say it was directed to only volleyball fans, I bet even having to just say that might have been hell for him, let alone apologize to all the people he offended... I don't see anything innocent in him, even in that vid after he got blocked, he was the first one to start making drama outside his side of the court. Watch carefully, the Iranians scream afronte no volei style and Kubiak going all in their faces bcs he is salty he got roofed str8 down. Again not denying the Iranians have been rude also, but its clear he is not an innocent angel at all lol.


    It's like with South Africa and apartheid, when they were saying "ok we're racists but those 'blacks' are uncivilized and agressive" :aww::aww: honestly its the exact same thing in a modern context in the sports world.

    I never said the Iranians haven't been rude also but you just CAN'T ever justify those words with anything. Someone that got bullied by native americans f.e. doesn't have the right to hate them all either.

    I know many Polish fans here have been disappointed with him also. Thanks for posting this btw and showing insight on the news charalampos .

  • btw Racism looks really ugly on Kubiak, he starts looking like a Wabuffet :rolll: I hope one day he looks in the mirror and sees this also and changes his way, I'd forgive him then. but for now, sashay away

  • i cannot understand if his answer is the apology that fivb asked for. I didnt expect to change his opinion but he didnt even pretend that and he said again negative things about iranian volleyball people.

  • kaczmarek? i thought komenda did a much better job... of course, different positions, but kaczm. wasn't too impressive.

    I also think Komenda definitely deserves a chance to join the training squad for the Olympic qualifier. The two setters (Drzyzga and Łomacz) are not that good to a level that they can't be challenged.

  • I also think Komenda definitely deserves a chance to join the training squad for the Olympic qualifier. The two setters (Drzyzga and Łomacz) are not that good to a level that they can't be challenged.

    Drzyzga is very good setter while Lomacz is not. Heynen approach is to have during Olympic qualies the most experienced players as there is not time for any kind of testing. But it is more likely that Komenda will play at ECH and WC. I really would like to see him as sub for Drzyzga at the main competitions, especially OG.

  • Can't wait! :super:BTW, how's Leon's Polish now?:/

    Very communicative. He gives interviews in Polish only and you can understand what he means, but I have impression that sometimes he has headache because of our language. Polish players said that they communicate with him at normal Polish conversation level, the only thing he doesn't get are jokes especially from old Polish movies, but a few more weeks and he will understand everything ;)

  • Wide roster for ECH, two will be cut before tournament.

    S: Drzyzga, Komenda

    Opp: Konarski, Muzaj, Kurek

    MB: Nowakowski, Bieniek, Kochanowski, Kłos

    OH: Leon, Kubiak, Szalpuk, Śliwka, Kwolek

    L: Zatorski, Wojtaszek