Violence in greek teams

  • This week Olympiakos and Panathinaikos were supposed to play against each other in football and basketball. Finally none of these matches finished. So i decided to post of the best moments of violence in greek sports.

    Today Panathinaikos fans fight against police and due to the tear gas the match didnt finish.



    Also before some weeks Olympiakos decided to forfeit the basketball game against Panathinaikos and didnt play in the second half in protest for the refs. After the game the owner of Panathinaikos left a woman's underwear on the empty Olympiakos' bench. This week Olympiakos had to play against Panathnaikos but they decided not to play because they want only foreign referees,


    Before some week hooligans burst in with knives and bats in a greek water polo match between Olympiakos and Glyfada. Three people were severly injured.





    According to AO Thiras some Aris's fans in the semifinals of the volley league 2017-2018 between Aris and AO Thiras were smoking cannabis. A player of AO Thiras faced some serious problems.



    In football last year PAOK president Ivan Savvidis carryied a gun onto the pitch against AEK Athens. The game was awarded to AEK with a score of 0-3 and three points were deducted from PAOK. Also the game PAOK - Olympiakos awarded to Olympiakos because Olympiacos' coach Oscar Garcia was rushed to a hospital after he was hit by an item thrown by the crowd. After all AEK finished first in super league.


    And a bad moment between Agamez (Olympiakos) and Andreadis (PAOK)


  • :O

    Hooligans in Eastern-Europe are the worst, this is just sad. I bet they even root against each other in international competitions X/ and then probably are nationalist simultanuosly

  • that was very bad because i was in the hall and i was watching the game and i was younger.

    in the first minute you can only see some people who are walking but later ...

  • 1509145_kotopoula-pagko-olimpiakou-134.jpg a chicken during a basketball game between Olympiakos -PAO that never happened

  • yikes

    Gold - European Championship 2013 (M) Prediction Game
    Bronze - World Championship 2014 (W) Prediction Game

    Bronze - Volleyball Nations League 2019 (W) Prediction Game

  • diakopipao-osfp-2.jpg

    Panathinaikos - Olympiakos women volleyball 3/11

    Regan Hood finished the match with 6/39 attacks. as we can see in the image she had problems with the atmosphere

  • diakopipao-osfp-2.jpg

    Panathinaikos - Olympiakos women volleyball 3/11

    Regan Hood finished the match with 6/39 attacks. as we can see in the image she had problems with the atmosphere

    Oh what happened? :O

  • Panathinaikos played against Olympiakos. The match stopped two times.

    Some fans of Panathinaikos threw some bottles to a police man. The police man reacted and did some gestures.Finally the police man went to the hospital with two broken teeth.

    Also Panathinaikos fans were shouting some bad slogans like:

    Giota fuck (your) house and mother

    Giota whore, we are living in order to see you in porn movie

    Some slogan were against the captain of the Olympiakos (Christodoulou) and when she was serving they spat (= expel saliva) on her.

    Probably the atmosphere in the image is like this due to smoke bombs.

    according to Olympiakos they stole a uniform from the coach.

    After the match both teams made some announcements. Panathnaikos wasnt in volleyleague the last two years and Olympiakos said: today we realize that we missed you" and Panathnaikos respond "we came back and we can understand your panic. you were used of playing alone, inside and outside of the court. this is over".

    The greek teams have very bad relationships. Yesterday Olympiakos played against AO Thiras. AO Thiras took the first two sets and was leading 14-11 in the tie break. Olympiakos won 3-2 and the team manager of Olympiakos post an insta story after the game in which he wrote "for them it was the game of the year, for us it was just 7/12"

  • Omg this is waaay too much :thumbdown: Poor Giota and Christodoulou...

    I wish they'd do all the fighting and shade through instagram and twitter ONLY, because the 7/12 thing does lowkey give me life. If I was head of the Greek fed I'd ban the Panathinaikos fans for a long time. At any case such harrassment and rage can't go on, it goes against the spirit of sports. Greeks should know this more than anyone also!

    It's probably mostly football hooligans, we have seen them act similarly terrible in Turkish league too... Fighting with each other as well, it's hard for me to believe such people come to watch volleyball. (And they don't)