Gloria Cup 2019 (Female)

  • 15-17.8

    Turkey(host), Italy, Serbia and Croatia

    Their is going to be interesting matches between Turkey, Italy and Serbia, but I don’t know why they need one more tournamte in this year. Especially Italy and Serbia.

    But I believe they are going to send their B teams.

    I literally can’t understand what we are going to do their, but okey. :lol:

    After so many players retire our level droped so hard but okey.

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  • I wish they have invited Ned or pol instead of Croatia. Maybe they wanted to have one weak team so that they can use their backup players as well

  • last year, the Gloria cup level was decent actually so I guess it will be fun and good preparation just before Ech.

    Will also be fun for all the players, Antalya is a wonderful city to be at to chill : )

  • Apparently just Nwakalor from the group of Catania will be at the gloria cup. These are the convocation for now (the list isn't complete)

    Agnese Cecconello

    Terry Enweonwu,

    Adhuoljok John Majak Malual

    Beatrice Molinaro

    Rachele Morello

    Francesca Napodano,

    Sylvia Nwakalor

    Alessia Populini,

    Benedetta Sartori,

    Francesca Scola

  • Ahhh I was thinking everyone will send their A teams, but at least Croatia will not be demolish :lol:

  • Does somebody have link for Turkey - Croatia 16:30h CET ??

  • Does somebody have link for Turkey - Croatia 16:30h CET ??

    It will be broadcasted by TRT SPOR but sadly after years of being open source they seem to have decided to put a geo-block now for people outside Turkey :(

    I'll look for some alternative links

  • And yes it is the last preparation for the teams before ECH confirmed by Turkish Fed.

    Matches will be broadcasted live on TRTSpor (don‘t know if all but the TUR matches for sure)

    Arena Sport shows all Matches.

  • Only Ebrar is not playing for Turkey, Croatia is now leading in 3rd set 19:15... Nice set by Fabris

  • And Croatia won 3rd set 25:20,..Turkey has very shaky reception even with Hande-Fatma duo.

  • And Turkey won 3:1, much easier in 4th set.

    Next match Serbia-Italy...It would be very nice match if both teams would play with their A teams...

  • I missed the match as I came from work...

    Good job Croatia on forcing a 4th set!