Gloria Cup 2019 (Female)

  • Yeah I am tired of counting it but she still is doing errors. Turkey is lost this ECH, no need to make hopes.

    Everything depends entirely on their opponent. My calculation is that Turkey will probably play against Netherlands in 1/4 at the ECH. Dutch players are too disappointed at the IOGQ, it may have a bad impact on them, so everything is possible IMO.

  • btw Serbian girls challenged the ball and it was allowed even though there isn't really a challenge system ^^:thumbup:

  • Dramas are overflowing, It’s just a friendly tournament.

  • Hande ruined everything there :aww: How did she miss that... It was a whole mess after that.

    Anyways, congrats Serbia. New champions of Gloria Cup! :cup:

  • Terzic must have been secretly pleased to see Naz looking so good.

  • I think overall this match was good for us. I mean the team was supposed to be a mess, we played with 3 Opps. But most importantly, Naz is back!! And every player looks so much more comfortable with her on court.

    Serbia with Mihajlovic+Boskovic+Ognjenovic proved to be super strong first 2 sets as we already knew, but kudos to the youngsters, they are not hopeless as they would have you believe at all, no hate on Bjelica but I feel she was the weakest link. Luckily Tijana is still super young so she will be along those girls as well.

    Perfect example of a great friendly, both teams have learned so much from these 5 sets, now up to Ech! :super:

  • btw a moment of appreciation from me to Gözde and Ebrar (2 true Opps) who both received much better than Şeyma, Hande and Fatma lol ofc this won't be like that every match

  • I was surprised with Gözde `s reception, she did very well.

    It is nice to see Milenkovic with the starters again. At the OG they will have 3 options with her plus Busa and Blagojevic, assuming Lazovic will be the one cut. This will be a luxury for Serbia.

    I was wondering. What happens during the Olympics if a libero gets injured like S.Popovic? Do they take a libero jersey for every OH in a case of emergency?

  • I really don't know why We started with bench players, and I if you started with them He should gave some times to Deak. Brcic will never be very good setter...

    Matea Ikic is not "famous" volleyball player, She was more like Bosetti today. Second libero with great reception and defence We were missing a lot player like her, but that was time when She didn't wanted to play for NT, now When She is playing She become shadow of herself.

    She is very bad at reception and her defence is just faaaar from her best days....

  • You take it out of context so I'll tell you.

    Turkey 90s??? If Turkey existed on volleyball map.

    The world existed even before Muhamed.

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

    Albert Einstein