How to prevent Major Injuries(Knee Injury to be exact)?

  • Hi guys! I am asking this because in our country(Philippines), there were like 30+ or 40+ players(women's volleyball) in the past 10 years who got their ACL/MCL/LCL torn.

    This topic is quite "trending" because of a "college tournament(UAAP)" which is probably the most popular league in our country and the players who are young keeps getting injured. As of now there are 3 young players who got their acl torn.

    Thank you.

  • Landing technique, proper biomechanics... there's a whole world as far as injury prevention goes. Something that's being discussed lately among sports health professionals is management of training load for people with previous injuries. This is a good read if you're into it these things.

    Regarding landing technique, the current consensus is that the best way to land from a jump is to do so with both feet and to avoid doing it in a straight stance, which increases stress in all lower limb joints. Here's a good example of how you should do it: landing softly with knees, hip and trunk flexed. Here's how you should not do it (it's no wonder Wallace had to undergo lower back surgery a few years ago).

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  • Which leads me to an observation that I consider one factor for the (apparently?) increased amount of knee injuries in women's volleyball: the game style has become much faster in the last years, so especially for OHs it's difficult to always execute a good jumping and landing technique. Often you see them being late for the ball, jumping pretty far forward and ending up landing on one leg off balance which IMO is the most dangerous situation for suffering ACL tear. Sure, sometimes it also happens on a normal/high set and with the player landing on both feet, but the above described situation is one I remember from many ACL tear scenes.