2019 African Club Championship - Egypt

  • The 2019 African continental club championship started today. Here is the draw and the list of previous winners:

    Pool A: Al Ahly (EGY), AS INJS (CIV), Police IV (BOT), Mugher (ETH), Ahly T (LBA)

    Pool B: Smouha (EGY), Gisagare (RWA), Christian (UGA), Gendemarie (MAD), El Etihad (LBA),

    Pool C: Swehly (LBA), Rukinzo (BDI), Wolaita (ETH), Prisons (KEN), VC Espoir (COD), FAP (CMR)

    Pool D: GSU (KEN), University (ZIM), AS FAG (GUI), Mwangaza (COD), Nemo Stars (UGA), Asaria (LBA)

    And the schedule.

    Funny thing, Libya seems to have 3 representatives, whereas the hosts Egypt only 2. Also, no teams from Tunisia and Algeria, the only two other countries apart from Egypt with clubs which have won the continental title... Even Morocco is not represented... Perhaps someone knows why.