Croatian NT 2019

  • Welcome back! I thought you quit forever but here you are again :)

    A nice choice for the Croatian NT! Unfortunately, Croatia didn't make it to the ECH (after a weak performance in the qualifiers, finishing at the bottom of their group), so they only have the European Golden League in the summer. And they have pretty solid opponents there in the likes of Spain, Estonia, and the Netherlands. Still, Zanini works quite well with youngsters and is a top coach overall, so there is hope for Croatian volleyball.

  • Thanks mate :drink:

    well to be honest level of forum, mostly discussion , dropped a lot lately :white: Women section is still good but men is quite poor (except few users) so nothing to say much :)

    Regarding Zanini I'm really glad to have him on the bench as he did great job with Turkey and Slovakia IMO :obey: ofc we cannot compare to these teams in terms of logistics, number of quality players but we still have decent NT. Under previous coach we won EL Silver edition but it's a joke competition and after that there was debacle in ECH qualies where we were losing to Albania, Austria w/o Berger and Buchegger.

    Hope Zanini will return some players to NT which refused to play under Rancic and remove few of them. His appointment seems like a long term so hoping for better days:whistle: