• In your opinion, what should be the ideal team for Russia?

    My Ideal Team:

    Starteva - Romanova

    Koroleva - Fetisova - Lazarenko - Lyubushkina - Efimova

    Goncharova - Lazareva - Russu

    Parubets - Voronkova - Vorobyeva - Kadokchina - Kotikova

    Malova - Galkina

    Lazareva is a good substitute for Goncharova. She attacks the balls very high, is lean and has profile to make many points. You deserve a chance on the team.

    Kosheleva: She only has one thing to offer throughout her life in volleyball: attack.

    After her injuries, all the clubs she goes through, the diagonal player has to make the reception because she stays hidden. This disrupts all teams and causes failure. Volleyball is more and more dynamic and a player like Kosheleva, 30, and does not have good reception, has nothing to offer more in the attack.

    Kosheleva would only be in the Russian team as back-up to Goncharova. Otherwise, I would not call Kosheleva for the summer on the national team.

    I'm sure the Russian team would be in the final six of the world championship if Goncharova did not have an injury. Parubets and Voronkova have much more to offer and are young. Good attack, strong serve, very good reception, defense.

    Which team is right for you?

  • I want to see Kurilo, Khaletskaya and Enina in the NT.

  • Will Khodonova/Krotkova not be fully recovered? She or either Scherban is needed as Voronkova/Parubets/Kotikova is not reliable in reception.

    Also agree with the Kosheleva thing, I want her to stay away from the NT as I'm afraid she will ruin the team's already faulty receiving line. If Goncha skips VNL which is highly likely to happen, maybe she could be the main opp together with Kadochkina/Lazareva.

    I think the brightest spot with the NT is actually Galkina (together with Kadochkina of course) is shaping up to be a really good libero, even better than current Malova.

  • @canhotrodrigo, thanks for creating the thread !




    There are huge difference between them and other setters.

    I wonder who another setter will be VNL roster. Novik? Ryseva?



    Kosheleva (also OH), Kadochkina (also OH)


    - On domestic league, Kadochkina certainly be the best Opposite along with Goncharova. I hope she plays some VNL matches before joining to youth team.

    - Kosheleva as OH will destroy the team's receiving line so Goncharova's back-up is the best choice (and she will be better compared to other Opposites).

    - I hope Lazareva get some experience on VNL this year, but because of lacking playing time, I think Pankov will choose Malygina instead of her :aww:

    - Khaletskaya showed amazing performance at the beginning of the season, but then significantly dropped. I don't think she get invitation,

    - Despite too short (180cm) for NT, Sophia Kuznetsova from Leningradka is interesting player for me.

    Outside Hitter:

    Voronkova, Parubets

    Shcherban, Kotikova (also OP), Bavykina

    Yulinskaya (also OP), Kutiukova (also L)

    - Voronkova and Parubets should be starters.

    - I know Shcherban underperforms this season, but she's still be an important player for NT and she's the 3rd choice on this position.

    - No one mentions so far, but I think Anastasia Bavykina improved a lot this season. She's still a weak passer, but good option when team needs offensive power.

    - Considering that South Korea is the one of the strongest serving team, Kutiukova (or Frolova) as a back-row specialist is a reasonable choice . In terms of passing, her and Frolova are the only players who is better than Voronkova & Parubets.

    - I hope Krotkova will come back to the team on Olympic season:rose:

    Middle Blocker:

    Fetisova, Koroleva

    Lazarenko, Lyubushkina

    Enina, Efimova

    - I hope Lazarenko get more playing time and grabs 14 spots.

    - Lyubushkina shows solid performance both attacking and blocking, she's better than Efimova IMO.

    - I really like Enina, but has she ever got called ? She's one of the best MB last 3-4 seasons, but never seen on the wide roster.


    Galkina, Podkopaeva


    - Watcing shaky performance on Moscow, I don't think Talysheva get invitation.

  • Watching this, Goncharova got injuried on her left hand and that's why she missed last match.

  • Why you try to prove something to me? Do you think that I'm unaware of our Superliga and players?

    I almost watched ever game of Superliga and that game too.

    You think Lazareva deserves to play in NT because of playing one or two games during whole season. In that case Russu played much more than her. I know our players' capability and she needs to choose the club where she will be main OPP and prove herself and than I'm sure she will get invited to NT. I can't understand why people want to see Lazareva in NT ??? Because of playing one or two games during regular season ??? She is the young player and she needs to prove herself and become main player and face of her team.

    We'll see which players will get invited to NT for VNL this year. I'm looking forward to seeing the list of players for VNL


    When did I say you are unaware of Superliga or you are wrong ?

    I never write such a thing...

    I just told my opinion on previous post.

    Every person has different opinions so I respect you.

  • I agree about the sentiments about Kosheleva. Much as I love her and appreciate her contributions to Russia NT in the past, her lack of reception is just a bit too much of a liability. If only she has grown to a defensive OH like what Artamonova did, she could still earn a spot in the starting lineup. I'm still curious though to what kind of performance she'll show if ever she gets a call for NT. Also, any news about Samoylenko? Is she not good enough anymore for NT?

  • I spent most of my last weekend watching the epic Athens Olympic final women volleyball RUS -CHN... and all I can say is “damn , how much I miss those Russian -strong -physical players ... what’ve happened to Rússia ( women side ) I wonder myself ?! ... theyre really great to watch!

  • I spent most of my last weekend watching Athens Olympic final women volleyball RUS -CHN... and all I can say is “damn , how much I miss those Russian -strong -physical players ... what’ve happened to Rússia ( women side ) I wonder myself ?! ... theyre really great to watch!

    r u kidding me right now... I just watched that game last week as well. LOL..

    And I have been wondering the same thing. I remember the commentators saying by the 5th set both Gamova and Sokolova had taken already over 50 swings. I do miss watching that Russian Game as well.

    The Chinese played a very high ball as well, but Feng connection with the middles really made a difference especially in the tie break.

    I still remember like if it was today Gamova crying on the bench.

  • Jejejejej ... believe me , I feel you ...

  • That's a good quality video for 2004, and the uploader appears to have a GINORMOUS stash of videos.

  • I think they should make two teams this year. An "A team" which will compete at the EC and the IOQT and maybe the last two weeks of VNL and a "young team" which will compete in VNL, WCup and Universiade. If some players (hopefully OH) from the "young team" show good performances they should have a chance in the EC team.

    A Team:

    Setter: Startseva, Romanova

    OP: Goncharova, Kadochkina

    OH: Parubets, Voronkova, (Frolova, Kutyukova)

    MB: Fetisova, Koroleva, Lyubushkina, Efimova

    Libero: Raevskaia, Galkina

    "young" Team:

    Setter: Novik, Anufrienko, Efimova

    OP: Vorobieva, Lazareva, Russu

    OH: Kotikova, Yurinskaya, Pipurinova, Shevchuk, Sperskayte

    MB: Zubareva, Zaytseva, Kotova, Brovkina

    Libero: Kurnosova, Talysehva

    Kosheleva: haven't seen her play in two years but doubt that her reception got better

    Podkopaeva: is she even interested in playing in the NT? she might take time for her child and come back next year for the OG

    Shcherban: she was not invited last year when she was playing better...

    The main problem is that we only have two good OH...

  • Russia NT 2019

    OH: Tatiana Kosheleva, Irina Voronkova, Ksenia Parubets, Maria Vorobyeva, Anna Kotikova, Tatiana Iurinskaia, Angelina Sperskaite.

    MB: Irina Koroleva, Irina Fetisova, Angelina Lazarenko, Ekaterina Orlova, Irina Malkova, Ekaterina Efimova, Ekaterina Evdokimova, Yulia Brovkina, Olga Zubareva.

    OP: Nataliya Goncharova, Tatiana Kadochkina, Victoria Russu.

    S: Evgeniya Startseva, Tatiana Romanova, Daria Ryseva, Polina Matveeva.

    L: Alla Galkina, Kristina Kurnusova, Varvara Shepeleva, Daria Chikrizova.

    Coach: Pankov :hit:

  • where is Kurilo ?? ;( she deserved much more than Sperskaite ;( Mostly, agree with Pankov's choice only I'd like to see Kurilo instead Kotikova or Sperskaite:what: maybe Kurilo's receiving skills did not satisfy our coach otherwise she deserved to have a chance.

    I hope that she destroys Zarechie in the fight for the fifth place :rolll:

  • I’ve always said and thought that Russia’s lately main problem is the lack of pass accuracy ( bad passing ) .... that’s all! Their talent and power at attack have always been doubtless by the others top teams in the word ( USA -CHIN-BRA , etc ...) . Such power it’s in their DNA I guess. That being said , those other top team previously mentioned take so as weapon , neutralizing their corners and keep amortized their middles ...

    IMO ...Russia hasn’t been able to find a good/acceptable duo ( OH 2 , which used to be filled by Sokolova ) and a good libero ( very well filled by Malova until 2016) that can provide stability and above all VARIETY to its game, as modern volleyball requires, and to which Russian volleyball, as part of a continuously evolving world -including volleyball - is trying to catch up to.

  • I don't think the NT needs Orlova... Ryseva seems really short, but then again the setter options are not good...

    Two players for the libero postion are unexpected. Don't know anything about the junior. I really like to watch Pilipenko (Dinamo Metar) because she is happy like all the time and did well this season but she was born 1990.