• Best thing Kosheleva can contribute to the team is backup to Goncharova when using the double-sub, other than that she needs to stay away from the team as harsh as it may sound :wavy:

  • Kurilo and Khaletskaya are part of the new list posted by the FIVB.

  • could I see the link please? I couldn't find it

    it's not available in this moment ;(.

    Btw, Malova is also included.

  • I think that the roster of Russia in the first week will be:

    S: Romanova, Ryseva

    OH: Kurilo, Kadochkina, Kotikova, Vorobyeva

    MB: Lazarenko, Evdokimova, Efimova, Zaytseva

    OP: Khaletskaya, Russu

    L: Galkina, Kurnosova.

  • I have no idea why the VNL team roster page is hidden again, while yesterday it was freely accessed for some hours.

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • I insist by saying that the main problem with Russia , it isn’t neither its opposite player nor middle; but a libero like Malova, along with two decent passing outside hitter ( which neither Ilchenko and even worst , Voronkova- are good at. )

    I’m sure that if they could make Malova .come back and find these two key other players ( another one Sokolova...etc) they surely can be back in the top world elite , like the level they reached in 2013. And ever-since then , everything’s been a downhill slope for them

  • according to Russian site, Kosheleva got 400.000 $ equal 1.632.000 brazilian real this year:what:

    She is not cheap player at all, so It is not strange.

  • Kosheleva, Goncharova, Startseva, Koroleva, Voronkova, Parubets and other important Russian players won't play VNL (probably, they only play the last week because it will be in Ekaterinburg). The first two weeks Russia will go with a very young team.

    Source: https://m.sport-express.ru/vol…u-sbornoy-rossii-1543713/

  • Is it official?

  • Fetisova is the best Russian MB :O

  • Kosheleva, Gorbunova, Fetisova, Podkopaeva and Shepeleva are officially out.


    Surprised to see Fetisova out, maybe she asked time off from the coach for VNL but will return in the Olympic qualifiers.

  • Fetisova is the best Russian MB :O

    I agree, even better than Koroleva.

  • I agree, even better than Koroleva.

    True, even though Koroleva is my all time fave Russian MB and player and one of my all time players. I can see Fetisova atm is the best Russian MB. Fetisova-Koroleva mb duo is like a wall.

    Both are miles above Efimova IMO

  • Parubets will join NT in 3rd week of VNL, she will mostly skip 1st and 2nd week.

    Only Parubets?

    And Voronkova?

    I hope that Parubets and Voronkova will be kept to play the main tournaments together with Goncharova. The 3 players are the pillars of the Russian team and I do not want Kosheleva to play. Do you have news on Voronkova, Goncharova, Startseva and Koroleva? They are registered and Pankov said some of them could play the Russian stage. But still, I'm happy to see Parubets becoming more and more a key piece for Russia. If nothing changes and at the Olympic Games the Russian trio remains Goncharova, Parubets and Voronkova, Russia will certainly fight for medals. If Kosheleva disrupts the line of reception and defense, Russia will have no chance.

  • I hope therer will be a change on the opposite position. I don't think that Khaletskaia is any better than Malygina. Vorobyeva should get a chance to play.

    Hopefully Romanova has a better week... Then again if not we will see more of Matveeva who looks very promising.