• did Russia NT travel to Ankara with the same roster in Brasilia?

    i may not be the tallest,
    the fastest, or the strongest,
    but at least i can do one thing better than anyone else,
    to be me...

  • I hope therer will be a change on the opposite position. I don't think that Khaletskaia is any better than Malygina. Vorobyeva should get a chance to play.

    Hopefully Romanova has a better week... Then again if not we will see more of Matveeva who looks very promising.

  • I hope that Startseva, Kadochkina, Voronkova, Orlova, Kotikova and Galkina join to NT in the next week.

    My gosh, is this the Russia's future? :/

    No. Indeed, the vast majority of Russia's lineup have 22 to 25 y-o... the same age of Parubets, Fetisova and Voronkova and these three players are better than Iurinskia, Efimova, Khaketskaya, etc... I think that Russia's future are in the youth and junior team in this moment.

  • Parubets, Galkina, Orlova, Romanova, Kotikova will join NT in 3rd week of VNL. Pankov will also join NT in 3rd week.

    Startseva will join NT in 4th week of VNL and there is probable Voronkova may join NT in 4th week too.

    Kadochkina still has health issues, when she will be in good condition she will also join NT too.

    Goncharova and Koroleva will skip this tournament this year.

  • I wonder why coach Pankov didn't join the team in the past few weeks. I must to say that Russia isn't in a position of having its main coach missing some live performing matches , even though been played by such a young squad. Its just an observation form part. Maybe he had some personal issues or something else...

  • The first of all, our volleyball federation let Pankov became free from VNL. He was in Russia and worked with other players like Kotikova, Orlova, Parubets, Galkina etc.

    Our volleyball federation did not care the results of those players and that is why they don't put pressure on those players.

    Those players are not young players, Kurilo 26, Khaletskaia 25, Iurinskaia 23, Efimova 26 etc. Their main problem according to words of our coach, they did not play together before and they still have connection problem. I also read Kurilo's interview, she said that most players in Russian NT like her had lack of physical preparation. They just finished the club season and after that, they immediately had joined NT, which was disadvantage for them. They did not have enough time for preparation.

  • I think that Russian Team B should be...

    Oh: Iurinskaia, Kotikova, Kuznetsova and Vorobyeva

    Op: Khaletskaya, Russu

    Mb: Lazarenko (if Orlova takes her spot in the Team A), Zaytseva, Zubareva

    S: Matveeva, Ryseva

    L: Kurnosova

  • I don't understand the point, is it your dream B NT or speculation for Universiade ?

    Brovkina, Kuznetsova and Shevchuk will play in Universiade as far as I know.

    Ryseva, Matveeva may join them, maybe Lazarenko, Vorobyeva will follow them.

    Khaletskaia is really not NT material IMO, Russu is young player, maybe she will improve her skills not sure. Frankly, I want to see Bochkareva in this roster too. I mean they at least can invite her for Universiade, she may be useful for this tournament. I do not want our coach staffs discover her at 26 y.o like Kurilo. She played well in Play-out games.

    Vadim Pankov has a passion for Kotikova, I won't be surprised if he takes Kotikova to main NT. She was best OPP in youth WCH, that is why he started to trust her more. It will be better she plays in Universiade and gain some experience and then come to main NT. Voronkov will be a head coach of youth NT in Universiade and high possible for Stalnaya (who is new member of Lokomotiv) to join that team IMO. Iurinskaia and Kurilo are playing as main players in VNL, I think they both have a good chance to get spot in main NT as sub players. After second week of VNL, RVF confirmed two or three players from that roster would join to main NT, idk maybe they meant as sub players.

  • our roster for 4th week of VNL as far as I know

    S: Startseva, Romanova, Matveeva

    OPP: Khaletskaia, Kotikova

    MB: Orlova, Lazarenko, Zubareva

    OH: Parubets, Voronkova, Iurinskaia, Vorobyeva

    L: Galkina, Pilipenko

  • Except Startseva, I don't like our setters. Romanova is kind of joke, I don't remember her playing well in NT. Even when Startseva out, Romanova in (WCH) and most of our attacks got blocked by opponents because of her passes. Next year she may be sub for Startseva in Kazan, I wonder that will Pankov invite her again. Big and mysterious question to me.

    Vera Salikova may be main setter of Uralochka next year and Filishtinskaia may come back after break, I really want to hope their playing better and take the spot from Romanova. Romanova is gonna be second Pankova. I don't understand what Karpol and Pankov saw in her. I simply can't stand her.

    Another question to me is all about our MBs. Except Fetisova and Koroleva, the rest of them seems useless. Efimova never stays in the right place to block the attack of opponent and that's why we have rare block pts nowadays. I sometimes can't understand the head coaches and their choices.