• Interviewer: Keep in touch with Tatyana? You can say that she lacks the team?

    Goncharova: We do not keep in touch. She has not been in the team for two years, right? We really haven't played together for a long time. And therefore it is difficult to say objectively, we are already playing another volleyball and, to be honest, I’m used to the team that is now, I’m comfortable with it. Tanya is a great player, I think, they will call her next year. I hope she helps.

    I always thought they were somehow friends off the court seeing as Goncha was invited to Koshe's wedding waaay back but this interview really put things into perspective.

  • It's lowkey another way of Goncha saying "Koshe was a great player and we thank her for her contributions in the past, we moved on without her" :rolll:

  • It's lowkey another way of Goncha saying "Koshe was a geat player and we thank her for her contributions in the past, we moved on without her" :rolll:

    That's how I read it :)

    It's too bad, but probably for the best, because I like Koshe, and now that the team is going all smiles and party she would have fit right in with that. She was there years ago.

  • btw, is Romanova staying in Uralochka:what:

    Wasn't she supposed to move to Kazan? I rather have her stay in Uralochka to be honest but considering Startseva's poor shape, she may have chances to be the starter in Kazan.

  • Natalya applied to the federation on behalf of all her teammates and asked them to allow Busato to become the coach of the Russian NT.

    Yana once again expressed her wish to play in the national team for next year. OTOH, Fetisova and Goncharova support her in this matter.

    Busato said in an interview that Natalia's support for him is even more valuable than the medals and he would be very happy to be the coach of the Russian NT.

  • No, AFAIK Romanova will stay in Uralochka

    Romanova moved to Dynamo in May 2019 from Uralochka (Sverdlovsk Region), but in October she returned to her former team.

    “Tatyana herself appealed to Dynamo with a request to terminate the contract, she had the right to do so. We went to meet her. The second connecting Dynamo will be Elizaveta Popova from the school of Ekaterina Gamova. This is a promising player we are counting on,” said Chernyshov on the phone.

  • Following Pankov's statement, the Secretary-General of the Russian Volleyball Federation, Alexander Yaremenko, said that after his request for withdrawal, Pankov was automatically dismissed from the post of coach of the team.

    By decision of the president, Pankov was dismissed by his own statement. As for the words that the contract was not terminated, there was no contract (for the position of coach of the national team) in the strict sense of the word. Vadim Anatolyevich will continue his work in the federation with youth teams, he remains the curator of youth teams, as before.


  • I still don’t get what’s happened to Russia...?...

    Shall they go back to it’s very own core/way style of their game, and then go From there ?
    Russia hasn’t been at the top 4 in an olympics since pretty much almost 20 years and i still don’t get use to the idea they aren’t longer seen as threat.
    Does this have to do perhaps to it’s constant change of coach ? Maybe not so talented generation to work with ?

  • I believe that the main point for Russia not getting great results in recent years is the high coaching change. With many coaches, each one puts their favorite players on the court. See China, USA, Serbia, Italy ... teams that have been playing together for many years; At some point, the team meets and faces big battles.

    In the last 8 years, many different players have come across Russia because each coach has called a different player and as a result the team does not create a solid base, a root (Chaplina, Pasynkova, Scherban, Bavykina, Malykh, Malygina and others). );

    A plus point is that for the last 3 years Russia has played on the same basis: Goncharova, Startseva, Parubets, Voronkova, Fetisova and Koroleva.

    This team is closer, the players are playing together and shouting during the games. I believe this formation could bring Russia back to the medal race. I am afraid Kosheleva will return and Russia will play terrible volleyball again without reception.

    Parubets and Voronkova are young and experienced, but they are young and can do a lot for Russia. Has great attack, good reception, strong serve, defense and block.

    I hope Russia will maintain its base and add some players to Tokyo: Malova, Kadochkina and Kosheleva (as a replacement for Goncharova).