2026 FIVB World Championship

  • No, God, please, not Poland again :/ Knowing the FIVB and their constant greed for easy money, it probably will be us though :( Honestly, even people I know are getting sick and tired of how many events we host lately. It used to be a big deal, now it's just "Oh, we got another one? Okay then."

    Why can't Finland and Estonia get a tournament? I don't know about World Champs, but they applied to host every European Championship since Euro 2011, but always have been rejected, and they have such great fans and atmosphere too. Austria hosted a great euro in 2011. Argentina had a great World Championship tournament in 2002.

    Sadly, FIVB lately seems to have a politic of pushing as many people away from volleyball as possible and limiting their potential fan base,, so yeah, I suspect it will be either us, Brazil, Italy once again, or, in worst case scenario, Japan.

  • It's all about money and profit. If the association can make a fortune out of WCH, it will fight for it. I think that's why Poland apply the event all the time. Not all the countries like Poland has such strong volleyball fans base.

    I hope Argentina and Brazil can co-host WCH. At the end it's all about money. I double the Volleyball association from Argentina and Brazil can have such strong financial support.

    Also Japan is dropping World Cup, I can foresee FIVB have difficulty finding a country to host World Cup.