2019 - 68th Kurowashiki Black Eagle Flag Tournament​​

  • Toray's Mayu Ishikawa name brand. She'll be 19 next week. Hitachi is targeting her on serve. She's shaky. She's having trouble getting past Hitachi's 173cm blockers. She serves one out of bounds and responds by telling other people what to do. I mean, I don't know what she's saying but that's what it looks like. She's a pro. We'll see if she turns out to be a good player. She definitely has a ready-to-go attitude. I'm impressed with that.

    Hitachi's getting out front but can't keep a lead. They're practicing their Densos.

  • Day 6 - May 6 2019 Results -- FINAL

    One Team Another Team
    Set 1
    Set 2 Set 3
    :cup: Toray Arrows 3–0 Hitachi Rivale 25–23
    31–29 26–24

    Hitachi had control of all three sets but Toray did their Toray thing and didn't pay attention to it. They stayed focused on winning.

    Congratulations Toray Arrows :!:

  • 68th Kurowashiki Black Eagle Flag Tournament Awards:

    MVP Jana Kulan (Toray)
    Fighting Spirit Hisae Watanabe (Hitachi)
    Best Newcomer
    Mayu Ishikawa (Toray)
    Best Libero
    Rena Mizusugi (Toray)
    Best Six
    Kaho Ohno (Toray)
    Jana Kulan
    Mayu Ishikawa
    Hisae Watanabe (Hitachi)
    Ruriko Uesaka (Hitachi)
    Mizuki Tanaka (JT)

    Yay Ruriko :!::rose:

  • Speaking of 22 year old Teen Idol Mayu Oikawa, I'm beginning to understand how/why she made such a good vibe splash when she joined Okayama at the beginning of the year--and earned her nickname.

    Expanding my horizons and digging deep I have begun to unearth the middle world between H.S. and Clubs. There's this thing called All Japan Intercollegiate Championship :aww:

    Mayu Oikawa played for Silver Medal winning Aoyama Gakuin University last December. She won the ... "Dare Contest Selection Prize"?? ... 敢闘選手賞. So she was splashing before she hit Okayama. Source PDF

    Another big splasher was Haruka Maruo -- MVP and Best Blocker -- but she appears to have gone on to some weird form of volleyball. The Panasonic Bluebells. -- [Edit] She came from Kinrankai H.S. !

    The Awards, as best I can Google Translate:

    • Best Player Award» Haruka Maruo (University of Tsukuba · No. 1)
    • 敢 Dare Contest Selection Prize 賞 Oikawa Mayu (4th Aoyama Gakuin University)
    • «Best Scorer Award» Chinami Furuya (No. 1 of Matsujima Univ.) She joined NEC Red Rockets
    • サ Serve Award 祐 Furuya Amami (Magic Mushroom University · 4th) Pretty sure this is Chinami as well
    • «Broc Award» Haruka Maruo (University of Tsukuba · No. 1)

    I have no clue about these players:

    «Spike Award» Nagano Yusuke (No. 3 Magic Mushroom University) I think this is Shoin U--Bronze Medal winners

    • [Edit] This is Arisa Nagano, Shoin University -> Victorina Himeji :!:

    «Reservoir Award» Ichikawa Aya (Aoyama Gakuin University 6th)

    «Setter Award» Manami Mandai (University of Tsukuba · No. 16)

    «Libero Award» Satoshi Kagamihara (University of Tsukuba · No. 9

    And wouldn't you know it ... Inside Man N K Youtuber has a few of the final matches !! I would kill for rosters of the , at least , quarterfinalist teams