LVSM 2019

  • Liga de Voleibol Superior Masculino is back this summer.

    6 teams will be playing:

    Giallo e Nero.svg Cafeteros de Yauco

    Caribes de San Sebastián Caribes de San Sebastian

    Changos de Naranjito Changos de Naranjito

    Indios de Mayagüez Indios de Mayaguez

    Mets de Guaynabo Mets de Gaynabo

    Pursaklar Mulos de Juncos

    Other teams asked for a dispensa (the possibility to skip the season for various reasons without losing the right to play the next one; for example the hall of Gigantes de Carolina isn't ready yet to open after the hurricane Maria):

    Gigantes de Carolina Gigantes de Carolina

    Llaneros de Toa Baja Llaneros de Toa Baja

    Giallo e Nero.svg Capitanes de Arecibo

    Gigantes de Adjuntas Gigantes de Adjuntas

    Plataneros de Corozal Plataneros de Corozal

    Cariduros de Fajardo Cariduros de Fajardo

    I'm not sure what happened to another team, whether it disappeared - which is what I guess - or asked for another dispensa (the third since 2017).

    Cariduros de Fajardo Patriotas de San Juan

    In the LVSF Capitalinas de San Juan are considered as a disappeared franchise, because their president as been banned from the league: apparently he didn't pay some salaries and made a lot of debts, but took money from the city for his team. As far as I know the city of San Juan cut the founds for both the teams, which makes me think we can consider both of the disappared.

    Mulos de Juncos are a new franchise. It's the first time there is pro volleyball (voleibol Superior) in Juncos.

    Yesterday there was the daft.

    Before the daft there were few trades.

    Eddie Rivera - Caribes de San Juan -> Indios de Mayaguez

    Jackson Rivera - Indios de Mayaguez -> Caribes de San Juan

    Kevin Rodriguez + Marcos Liendo - Changos de Naranjito -> Indios de Mayaguez

    Juan Miguel Ruiz - Indios de Mayaguez -> Changos de Naranjito

    Angel Perez - Mets de Guaybano -> Caribes de San Sebastian

    Steven Morales - Caribes de San Sebastian -> Mets de Guaynabo

    Cristian Encarnacion - Cafeteros de Yauco -> Mets de Guaynabo

    4th round 3rd choice - Mets de Guaynabo -> Cafeteros de Yauco

    Pablo Guzman + 1st round 3rd choice + 3rd round 3rd choice - Mets de Guaynabo -> Cafeteros de Yauco

    Edgardo Cartagena + 1st round 1st choice - Cafeteros de Yauco -> Mets de Guaynabo

    Pablo Guzman + Amaury Miranda - Cafeteros de Yauco -> Mulos de Juncos

    1st round 6th choice - Mulos de Juncos -> Cateferos de Yauco

    About the Draft.

    The order of choices follows the ranking from last season (for the teams playing this year):

    1 Cafeteros de Yauco

    2 Changos de Naranjito

    3 Mets de Guaynabo

    The teams coming back from a dispensa (with a draw to decide who gets the fourth and the fifth choices):

    4 Indios de Mayaguez

    5 Caribes de San Sebastian

    Newcomer team:

    6 Mulos de Juncos

    First round

    1 Ezequiel Cruz (Guaynabo)

    2 Ulises Maldonado (Naranjito)

    3 Yadiel Nadal (Yauco)

    4 Kevin Lopez (Mayaguez)

    5 Josué Rivera (San Sebastian)

    6 Pedro Molina (Yauco)

    Second round

    1 Pedro Nieves (Yauco)

    2 Alexandro Robles (Naranjito)

    3 Arturo Iglesias (Guaynabo)

    4 Fabián Rohena (Mayaguez)

    5 Dimar López (San Sebastián)

    6 Gianlucca Grasso (Juncos)

    Third round

    1 Iván Fernández (Yauco)

    2 David Menéndez (Naranjito)

    3 Ricardo Massanet (Yauco)

    4 Brian Negrón (Mayagüez)

    5 Anthony Negrón (San Sebastián)

    6 Pedro Rosario (Juncos)

    Fourth round

    1 José Suarez (Yauco)

    2 Roberto Pérez (Naranjito)

    3 Johan León (Yauco)

    4 Sirianis Méndez (Mayagüez)

    5 Dennis Del Valle (San Sebastián)

    6 Joseph Irizarry (Juncos)

    Fifth round

    1 Gabriel Rosado (Yauco)

    2 Pedro Cabrera (Naranjito)

    3 Jean Carlos Ortiz (Guaynabo)

    4 Ricardo Padilla (Mayagüez)

    5 Randy Ramírez (San Sebastián)

    6 José Mulero (Juncos)

    Extra choices for Mulos de Juncos

    1 Juan Carlos Ribas

    2Eduardo Hernández

    The season starts june 6.

  • Giallo e Nero.svg Cafeteros de Yauco

    Head coach: ?

    S: Gabriel Rosado, José Suarez

    OH: Josué Rivera, Pedro Molina, Johan León

    MB: Iván Fernández
    OP: Yadiel Nadal
    L: Ricardo Massanet

    Caribes de San Sebastián Caribes de San Sebastian

    Head coach: ?

    S: Ángel Pérez, Roberto Ramírez
    OH: Jackson Rivera
    MB: Pedro Nieves, Anthony Negrón
    OP: Joseph Cuevas, Dimar López
    L: Dennis Del Valle

    Changos de Naranjito Changos de Naranjito

    Head coach: ?
    S: Juan Miguel Ruiz
    OH: Alexander Robles, Roberto Pérez
    MB: David Menéndez
    OP: Ulises Maldonado
    L: Pedro Cabrera

    Indios de Mayagüez Indios de Mayaguez

    Head coach: ?

    S: Brian Negrón, Kevin Rodríguez, Carlos Faccio
    OH: Sirianis Méndez, Eddie Rivera, Kevin López, Ricardo Padilla
    MB: Jessie Colon, Fabián Rohena
    OP: Jorge Mencia, Pedro Rosario
    L: Marcos Liendo

    Mets de Guaynabo Mets de Gaynabo

    Head coach: ?

    S: Edgardo Goas, Amaury Miranda
    OH: Sequiel Sanchez, Inovel Romero, Cristian Encarnación, Edgardo Cartagena
    MB: Steven Morales, Alexis Colon, Enrique Escalante
    OP: Ezequiel Cruz, Jean Carlos Ortiz
    L: Arnel Cabrera

    Pursaklar Mulos de Juncos

    Head coach: ?

    S: Arturo Iglesias, Juan Carlos Rodríguez
    OH: Pablo Guzmán, Eduardo Hernández, Juan Carlos Ribas, Gianluca Grasso, Jovany Torres
    MB: Joseph Irizarry
    OP: Francisco Vélez, Cristian Burgos
    L: José Mulero

    I haven't found who are the reservas (players reserved by the franchises). I will complete the roster whenever I have more info.

  • There was a change after the draft.

    Pedro Nieves - Cafeteros de Yauco -> Caribes de San Sebastian

    Josué Rivera - Caribes de San Sebastian -> Cafeteros de Yauco

  • Mets de Guaynabo signed Ramon Burgos, Inovel Romero, Enrique Escalante amd Alexis Colon.

    Indios de Mayaguez signed Manuel Blondet.

    Pedro Rosario from Mulos de Juncos to Indios de Mayaguez for Juan Carlos Rodríguez.