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Brazil - Women's Superliga 2019/2020

  • macris and gattaz can't save this team... they really lack effective OHs...

    And a good coach, its his first important game and hes already lost

  • she is really young. She is the libero back up. She probably feel the pressure at times.

    I actually find Minas better than i expected. For me, they made not the best transfers, but they can improve a lot.

  • if minas had an agrrement with Betania or Martinez instead one of this foreigners. Let see how Acosta its gonna to play.

    Macris was pretty good today. If Minas keep up a good reception in the future, they can be a dark horse.

  • Praia is the front runner this season followed closely by SESI Bauru. Osasco has some good prospects especially with the good connection of Roberta - Casanova. Let’s see how the Tandara - Drussyla - Pena trio keep up with everyone.

  • SuperCup final:

    Praia 3x0 Minas (25x22, 25x22, 25x19)

    Praia: Walewska 14, Daroit 14, Martinez 10, Garay 8, Angelica 3, Fawcett 2, Fran 2, Ananda 1.

    Minas : Gattaz 13, Bruna 9, Kasi 8, Thaísa 8, Déjà 7 , Lana 3, Sheilla 0.

    - Fawcett played as sub opp.

    - Sheilla got 0/15 in attack.

    - Acosta didn’t play.

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  • Minas's OHs are useless. I'm so sad for Thaisa e Gattaz playing in this complete mess.

  • McClendon was always only so so in reception when she played in Poland, looks like nothing has changed :whistle:

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  • sheilla really cant put a ball down to save her life.

  • I hope Sheilla will not be at Olympics She is not ready at all....

  • I really don't know why Minas didn't go after at least one better OH...

    Sheilla playing for the NT at this shape is scandalous

  • Fuck Minas' management tbh. How do you go from what you had last season to this...

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  • Walewska is still good, despite her age!

    IMHO she is even better than Fabiana. I think Walewska could contribute more to the Brazilian NT than Fabiana.

  • I really don't know why Minas didn't go after at least one better OH...

    Sheilla playing for the NT at this shape is scandalous

    The new coach "brought" in "his" player. There`s no doubt she does not belong to a team like Minas. So the only way she would start or at least does not look so bad, would be to sign players at her level or below. If they had at least a decent player she would not be starting. And with Sheila and Bruna coming back and not at their best, well that means they don`t look good either....so his player won`t look as bad.

    I think Acosta will be the best of them all, but I really don`t know if she should be playing for Minas. Even Regis/Rosamaria duo would be stronger.

  • I really don't know why Minas didn't go after at least one better OH...

    Sheilla playing for the NT at this shape is scandalous

    And Kysi Nascimento who played very good in U-20 didnt get a call.

    For me, the worst thing was that pan american games.

  • Ok, that's the beginning of the season, but it's really hard to understand what Minas managers tried to with this line-up.

    Sheilla is not even close to being bad, she is just not there and how someone have said, all 4 OH's are useless.

    The coach seemed completely lost last night, at some point , Thaisa assumed the word for the team and different them what Nicola was asking, some Karch thing, like patience and more bullshit, she said that patience has limit and yelled for courage of the players!! This season in Minas promises to be the best, at least at the time-out's and interviews.

  • Well, SESI being SESI, losing to themselves

  • Well paulista semifinals game 2 between sesi bauru and barueri is happening right now..

    Well i commend the barueri players having to be happy in the court. It sets their game very well..

    Sad that naiane is just the second setter. She really regressed big time.. whereas the group of diana, lorena verzes, lyara edinara is really starting... even glayce kelly