Brazil - Women's Superliga 2019/2020

  • Winning the Paulista is a huge achievement for these girls from Barueri.

    And I also think it is a good way of showing that younger players can assume important roles in our championship, even though they lack experience. Look at Nyeme: never played in the main division; never played a Paulista championship. And she was a beast in the semifinals and finals.

    Teams in Superliga are too conservative and they often rely on old, thus to some extent experienced, players instead of investing in younger prospects.

  • does anyone have the stats for the match? how many points for lorenne & casanova?

    There are no stats, however Lorenne had 29 points and Casanova had 26 points.

    Mayany 16

    Maira 10

    Tainara 9

    Juma 7

    Diana 1

    Lays 6

    Kisy 2

    Mara 17

    Jaque 14

    Bia 11

    Bjelica 8

    Roberta 2

    Janke 1

    Heldes 1

  • 21 years old the average age of Barueri's Team.

    Really impressed by Nyeme. Did she played last year in Superliga? I dont remember her.

    But clubs must to learn a Lesson with this Barueri Team.

    No, this will be Nyeme's first Superliga. Last season she was absent from playing volleyball and before that she played at the youth team of Osasco.

  • Jaque still has great reception and defense. With 2 opposites in the court that is all the team should need from her. No need to complain about her attacking stats which seem fine anyway.

    I guess people have find something else to criticze because they can't criticize her game.

  • No, this will be Nyeme's first Superliga. Last season she was absent from playing volleyball and before that she played at the youth team of Osasco.

    Why was she absent for one year?

  • i think not. Roberta actually plays a lot with the OH.

  • Roberta has used MBs quite a lot when she played in Rio. Of course this does not include last year, simply because they didn't have a decent receiving system.

  • Bjelica actually received well in this game, I was very surprised. I did not even know she could receive until last season. But she does not look comfortable hitting as OH. Casanova did great, but I think Bjelica could be more dominant as OPP than Casanova, maybe they should put her as OH instead of Bjelica.

    Roberta set the middles a lot early on but they were not scoring. That's why later on she gave Casanova a lot of balls.

  • in the first match(es), she set maira & tai more, but yesterday she was clearly just going to lorenne. i always feel that a setter should set the MBs when they get a perfect pass — not 100%, but often enough. even with a perfect pass, she’d go to lorenne, even if she had to do a backset, no matter if it were to position 2 or 1...

  • She used Mayany quite a lot actually. The other MBs (either Diana or Lays) are just on a lower level. I kinda liked Juma in these finals, but I still think other setters could be there instead. Zé trusts a lot on her, maybe he is a visionary...

  • what match/championship was that?

    Like Sidney said, Rio de Janeiro State Championship Final. It wasn't a good match, but if you're interested.

    You all stay relaxed and kind to each other out there.

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