Italy - Serie A1 2019/20

  • True Conegliano has so big attendce every match. Almost always around 4000...

  • I think a big problem is that some of the arenas are just too big (Perugia, Firenze,...). And playing in an arena without atmosphere makes it even harder to attract more spectators.

    I really like the relatively small German arenas (1500-3000 seats) which are filled more than 50 % most of the time, and often more than 75%.

  • Actually PalaBarton is one of the smallest volleyball arenas in both men's and women's leagues. When Sir Safety reaches the play-off finals, they need to add a removable staircase. As I said, where there's high level men's volleyball or soccer, women's volleyball is just an addiction.

    For example Monza reduced the men's team budjet in order to invest in the women's team more, so the appeal and crowd is growning for them and getting smaller for the boys. Cuneo is just back with the men's team, in Serie A2; if they get promoted to Superlega, women's team would be in real troubles. The soccer club of Cuneo disappared this year, while the one from Monza plays just in Serie C (third division).

  • Ahhhhh Can't wait for today match between clash of Titans, I really hope we will watch high level volleyball even though Novara has big problems with injuries :D

    Is it match broadcasted on Rai Sport?

  • Based on the warming-up it seems that Mlakar is back from her injury.

  • Oh, I was getting used to see Novara without Opp.. bummer :P

    They don't start with her and I'm not surprised. With Di Lullio as opposite Vasileva doesn't have to receive and they can involve the middles a lot.

  • Link??

    Folie starting the match :super:

    Still noone without stream?

  • Great start for Imoco! Especially Egonu and Folie are playing good. Next to that Sylla receiving is really stable so far.

  • I can't believe their is no any live stream. DISASTER. I hate this, i never watched less matches than this season:cursing:

  • A lot of errors now for Conegliano in reception and attack, especially Sylla and Hill.

  • And Novara take second set 25:23 Oh Godd Why can't I watch it :(

  • 12 errors by Conegliano in the second set, too much and Novara took advantage of it

  • 12 errors by Conegliano in the second set, too much and Novara took advantage of it

    Yes I expected a much easier match for Conegliano, but they make it difficult for themselves. If one of Sylla or Hill is going to play better, it will be alot easier already.

  • Third set to Conegliano. Sylla stepped up in attack and Geerties did a good job in the backcourt. Wolosz - Egonu connection isn't always there yet.