CEV European Championship 2019 | Moscow, Russia

  • The Russian capital will host this year's European Championship between 5 - 11 August. Moscow already hosted a European Beach Volleyball Championship back in 2005 (won by Spain's Herrera-Mesa), whereas Sochi hosted the event in 2009 (won by the Dutchmen Nummerdor-Schuil).

  • The European Championship started yesterday in Moscow. Not in the best weather conditions, though. Slow/normal start for most of the favourites. 2 upsets already on day 1. The 4th-seeded Poles Fijalek-Bryl lost to Giginoglu-Gögtepe from Turkey, whereas the 9th-seeded Belgians Koekelkoren-van Walle lost in straight sets to Ukraine's Popov-Gordieiev.

  • The Austrians Ermacora-Pristauz with the upset of the tournament beating the newly crowned World champions Stoyanovskiy-Krasilnikov in the coldest European Championship in years.

  • Just to conclude the thread properly, as was pointed out in the World Tour thread, Mol-Sorum won back-to-back European championships. The tournament's pleasant surprise, Ermacora-Pristauz from Austria, won the bronze medal by forfeit due to Piotr Kantor's injury.