CEV Champions League 2020

  • All (?) 18 teams eligible to participate in the pool stage of the Champions League 2019 to 2020 are now known. Due to the current ranking for this competition these are the following teams in the respective league order, for remarks see below:

    Turkey: VakifBank ISTANBUL, Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL, Fenerbahce Opet ISTANBUL

    Italy: Imoco CONEGLIANO, Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA, Savino del Bene SCANDICCI

    Russia: Dynamo MOSCOW, Lokomotiv KALININGRAD, Uralochka NTMK EKATERINBURG

    Poland: LKS Commercecon LODZ, (Grot) Budowlani LODZ


    Germany: Allianz MTV STUTTGART

    Romania: Alba BLAJ

    Slovenia: Nova KBM Branik MARIBOR

    Belorus: Minchanka MINSK (Caution: there is special qualification duel for it, but Minsk should win it)

    Bulgaria: Maritza PLOVDIV

    Remarks: Germany is supposed to be stronger as Poland and France, but lost ranking points by denying participation in 2018 edition (Schwerin claimed bad cost/result ratio, Stuttgart couldn't afford it financially, Dresden wasn't allowed to take a berth of the others, even not in qualification). That's the reason, why Germany has only one slot and Schwerin is forced to go to CEV Cup (where they might get some good result anyway, with a medal absolutely possible).

    Slovenia, Belorus and Bulgaria had luck, that Switzerland, Czech Republic and Serbia lost their berths by not accepting them in 2019 edition (only champions were eligible, but Volero went from Switzerland to France, then using the Le Cannet license with Challenge Cup berth, and Czech team Prostejov didn't participate as Serbian Vizura Ruma (Beograd) due to financial issues.

  • Schwerin is hoping completely unrealistically for another CL berth for them (the entry list is already known, see thread start) - and it is largely their own fault, because they didn't participate in 2018 because of bad cost to result relation, Stuttgart couldn't afford it financially and Dresden wasn't allowed to participate even in qualification CL rounds. IMHO we have to wait, until the first ranking without 2018, i.e. not before 2022, before this is no more degrading the German league ranking and get them past France or Poland or both...

  • On 26. June 2019 there will be as in previous season just the draw for the qualification rounds, so the 18 pool stage participants have still to wait for completion of qualification for the pool DOL.

  • So not unexpected Minsk/Belorus was the only team eligible to participate in pool stage not registering for it and Salo/Finland inherited this berth.

    The qualification teams are mostly very weak IMHO (no top league teams are anymore eligible for it!), only Olomouc/CZE and Vasas BUDAPEST/HUN can be expected to be not extremely weak and I consider them as favourites to qualify. If Khimik Yuzhny from Ukraine manages to get a reasonable team constructed, they may pose a threat to these two anyway.

  • In Champions league Conegliano will be called Carraro Imoco. Antonio Carraro is a title sponsor of Conegliano volley and producers of tractors.

    That's not allowed in European Cups, the city name has to be always in the official name (despite I don't like CEV, this rule is correct IMHO), so we get a rather long (at the limit) name A. Carraro Imoco CONEGLIANO.

  • This New balls for CEV, yellow and Green looks really good, wow :D

  • Wow Mladost won 3:0 :what:

    Butigan(MB) with 6 blocks and 69%in attack with 9 points. Playing with NT really helped her.

  • Did you read what They have done to them?

    They have fly for Ukraine but when they lended, they were in MOLDAVIA, literally noone knows how?!?!? and so they searched for bus to take them to Ukraine and they find some mini bus to take them to their. Some of the girl needed to sit on the floor as stuff...They were super late and tired AF...

    This is ridicolus....