CEV Champions League 2020

  • Dear Santarelli.

    First you start with your best players and after second set, in half set you put your bench players after your team get adventeg especially in their head.

    Now you need to chace your score. Stupid.

  • Even bench player of Conegliano must win the set and match against Vasas Budapest. That is not an excuse.

  • Sorry but Ogbogu is outplaying Robin when it comes to attack but She is not good blocker at all. She needs to work on that.

    But still Folie >>>Ogbogu>Robin :whistle:

  • Now Conegliano is in the beast mode 7:0 in 3rd set

    Wolosz is literally giving the perfect set ever for Egonu eve from 5-6 from the net. What a great setter She is....

  • Ok, that surprised me. Saw Nicole on College and that what i see from her was good.

    I don't know what happened to her. Last Friday (against Wrocław), she made 2 errors playing 5 minutes.

  • Wolosz to Robin, my God Asia :super:

    The best setter :D

  • Overall very bad match by Stuttgart, despite statistics were better as the hosts one (?!). They are already out of contention IMHO for the quarters, because with Novara in the pool they can't give away even one point to the other two teams, because only the three best second teams of the pool stage will advance. The setter issue might be too big in this still relatively early stage of the season.

  • I like Conegliano really much, but I'm LMAO right now. They should be ashamed they have to play a tie-break:lol:

  • Ugh, SportKlub will broadcast all 8 matches of Nova KBM Branik, and i think they can only broadcast two matches per week, so i hope they can choose the best option for second match.

    Tomorrow Vakifbank-Scandicci will be on Spor Smart TV, does anyone have a link of it? Live-stream links are glitching a lot and they are all we have for most of the matches

  • Sorokaite only 17% in attack. This is the worst match of her life.

    Her biggest mistakes was to signed with Conegliano this season and a lot of team would be more than happy to have her...

    Robin again with low % in attack and Ogbogu had nice performance. She got 23 sets today :white:

    I don't get this Santarelli tactic at all, but playing tie break against this team is bad even though it is their 3rd match in week.

    Terry is not showing that She is even near Egonu, signed her is bad idea to even for bench OPP.

  • Wolosz with 13 points :gone::gone:

    Same as Robin and Sorokaite combine :whistle:

  • These minor glitches mean nothing in the big picture. Conegliano is too stacked not to win every single competition they enter this season (with possible exception for World Club Championship, due to that ridiculous loophole where Chinese teams can sign seemingly whoever they want for the duration of the competition), and I fully expect them to do it, unfortunately, this game notwithstanding.