CEV Champions League 2020

  • I'm not afraid about Conegliano at all. :)

    The the best team in the World :)

    10/10 for now, and count it...

    Bragging about how Conegliano is without a loss so far is kinda like Golden State Warriors fan in 2017 bragging about being the best team in the league; well, duh! As well as they should be! After all, that is the only acceptable scenario when you have not only 7-8 world-class players, but you have brought a player who practically single-handedly won for her previous team (a much weaker one than this Conegliano) 2 of the 3 most important competitions they played last year. Frankly, should they lose a single game this year in either of the domestic competitions as well as Champions League, it would be an embarrassment.

  • Do u guys have any decent link for Novara's match?

  • Karakurt was awarded MVP of the match??! What was that?

  • Novara is the most beautiful team this season

    Vasileva, Christina, Veljkovic, Hancock, Brakocevic, Megan and Sansona(plastic but okej) They are all beautiful :heart:

  • Hancock is playing really good, using her MBs great.

    If Karch doesn't invite her, He will become even bigger idiot...

  • Vakif lost their 3 main players, one of which is arguably the best player in the world. On top of that they have a new setter, 2 new 2 OHs, and super young OPP who should fill Slotjes' shoes who (is) has been on of the best OPPs in the world, these last few years. I don't think even their management expects them to win all cups. It's pretty natural to struggle, after all it is the start of the season.. they need more playing time together. They don't have to win every single game, as long as they win the important ones. Who expected Brazil to win the Olympics in 2012? Who expected Novara to win the CL 2019? So let's stay patient and believe the girls and Guidetti

  • Ebrar is such a B*****....

    And that's exactly why I 😍 her so much. She needs to bring that bad attitude every game.

    It is pathetic to see people are trying to promote bad attitude in sport. :what::down:

  • I think the result of vakifbank's match is reasonable. Too many young players and so many unforced errors. The target of vakifbank this year is to get champion league qualification of next year....

    Scandicci is in literally the same situation :whistle:

    They are even younger team.

    Malinov 23, Bricio 24, Pietrini 19 and Stysiak 18.

    And with Lubian almost u23 team :lol:

  • Their is HUGE possibility that only one of Scandicci, Vakifbank or Kalinigrad will go to next round because only 2 second best teams can go further, but if Vakif lose against Kalinigrad even in tie break or won tie break their chance will drop a lot if they don't secure number 1 spot.

    It is almost sure that Fener or Ecz will be one of the second best teams, so only one spot is left for the second best :whistle:

    And that can be easily teams from pool E (Russian teams)

    That would be the biggest surprised of all :white:

  • Scandicci did not look that great either, how do you guys know that they won't lose to Kaliningrad either? That group will be a mess, especially 2nd matches will turn the tables upside down.

  • you're still on that. move da f*** on already.

    why would he? Zhu was robbed by her own club. Ebrar’s team lost yesterday and she made 11 points but 15 errors and hit with %29 yet became the MVP. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

    It’s like it’s Japan but at least their players are not walking around with minus efficiencies.

  • I'm totally lost with this discussion. I saw a picture of Karakurt from yesterday receiving a MVP award. I thought it was MVP of the match but it doesn't make any sense since she was horrible and her team lost.

  • I think it’s voted for by the fans, maybe? Anyway it’s obviously nonsense, Ebrar was one of the WORST players yesterday, for sure not the best.

  • Zhu has won practically every MVP award worth winning in volleyball at least once, including that very same CL MVP for the previous year, so she is not going to lose sleep over that, and neither should her fans/fanatics.