CEV Champions League 2020

  • CEV is responsible for health and safety of the players and they have to find a reasonable solution regarding the rest of the season. I don’t believe they will just cancel the CL, they won’t say goodbye to all those sponsorship money as CEV is known for their greedy approach.

    I don’t believe having matches played in a neutral country won’t have any good as teams, staff or officials would make contact on the way to match and affect the players.

  • There are 3 rounds of Serie A games that have been postponed. The schedule will probably be crazy.

    IMO CEV should either think of a change of the format or cancel Champions League for this season

    Schedule of postponed matches is already on Seria A official site.

  • It's quite funny to read that Conegliano region is high risk and Stuttgart(Germany) is not... considering the strong economic relations Germany has with China and the huge increase of "flu cases" all over Germany in the last weeks...

    We have currently just 15 infected people in the whole state of Baden-Württemberg, and none in state capital Stuttgart. Infected persons in nearby counties of Göppingen and Tübingen are isolated, their potential infection chains are known. So our institutions think, it is not too dangerous for now - opposed to state NRW (Nordrhine Westfalia), were the epidemic went out of control meanwhile like in northern Italy. This may affect even the two German clubs of Aachen and Münster for example, today a fire station of professional fire fighters in Köln had to be close due to infections for example.

  • Since the schedule will be crazy busy if the quarter finals won't be played in next two weeks, I think CEV should determine a non-infected country and arrange a final 8. This would take only 3 days and could be done in the weekend scheduled for the final matches.

    Even in this scenario, there's a chance that the so-called non-infected country could be infected meanwhile 🤔

  • Can someone PLEASE ban beri and Sidney because of their hypocrisy.

    Now If would pock them back they would cry like they had in high school.

  • Please stop this childish discussion and talk about volleyball instead!:rolleyes::offtopic:

  • B**ches, try to learn and watch this video about cov19.

    Y'all need to calm down!


    Sorry,pal. Anyone is entitled to educate themselves from whatever source they see fit,but I'd rather get my information from WHO,as well as,you know,the MEDICAL SCHOOL I'm currently in...

    This conversation is pointless.We will never convince you why this virus is dangerous,and you will never convince us (and especially me,as an asthma sufferer) that this virus is "no big deal" and "as simple as the flu".

  • No surprise in quotes for the two quarterfinal matches today and tomorrow: VakifBank is clear-cut favourite in Moscow, even a little more one-sided is the value for Conegliano in Stuttgart. It's a realistic view, I think...

  • Not the most interesting match actually, but i enjoy so much becaus Maja is in her superb mode today.

  • I know it’s not easy with the reception sometimes, but Carlini needs to use her MBs more because these OHs aren’t enough.