Turkey - Vestel Venüs Sultanlar Ligi - 2019/2020

  • Weakness for Vakifbank are their outside hitters. The reception isn't good enough to play a lot with the middles and they can't score out off system balls.

  • Kelsey is more efficient on out-of-system balls than Haak. Whole Fb team is attacking great when the reception is bad and Vakif in those situations can't score

    Seems like no Vakifbank players except the setter can set a ball very well ... speaking of basic techniques

  • Haak can't finish a single ball when it's crunch time:white:

  • And now she needs to serve to save Vakif's life :lol:

    And she couldn't handle the pressure:roll:

  • Maja insisted too much with Haak in the end of 3rd set. They had their chances, but kept making mistakes even with free balls. Fener definitely deserved the win. But both teams needs better reception.

  • Nilüfer beat THY 3-2 :white::rolll:

    I can't with Nilüfer, each year their team seems bad but they still beat some good teams and end up usually in top 8, this time that will be hard though. THY needs to step up.

    AGY struggled vs the on-paper terrible BEVI team this time first 3 sets, it was really close and they lost a set also. But the last set AGY girls pulled a 4-25 set win (Ouch!) To settle the match 1-3. BEVI is full on shame mode XD

    Cant wait to watch Bevi in European cup :aww::rolll:

  • We're used to Vakifbank being so decisive in the big points but the big difference today was that they messed up quite a few of them. Also, everyone not named Zehra Gunes was useless at blocking today for whatever reason. I'm a Meliha fan but she showed absolutely nothing good today and Haak just seems to struggle against the best teams.

    After the match against Galatasaray, I had serious concerns about Fenerbahce's reception but it held up pretty well today in comparison. Bahar didn't do too much and Vargas is inconsistent but other than that everyone played very well for Fener.

  • Just saw the third set. Gabi recebe very few sets. Haak is a good server, bUt really few the pressure on attack.

  • fb got away with the last two sets thanks to useless gabi and maja. they were really disappointing. is gabi gonna turn out to be the next sheilla for vb?

    WHAT? Gabi had 8/14 and no passing errors.

    If Gabi is useless, what would Haak be???