Turkey - Vestel Venüs Sultanlar Ligi - 2019/2020

  • After first half of the season ends, I want to summarize some statistics from teams;

    Best blocking teams per set:




    Best serving teams per set:




    Best attacking teams:




    Best receiving teams:


    THY 32%

    BEŞİKTAŞ 31%

    Vakıfbank is the best attacking and by far best receiving team of the league and they are second at both blocking and serving. This pretty much explains how balanced team they are and how much they deserve to be on top of the ranking.

    Eczacıbaşı is best blocking team by far although their MBs are not 'world class'. I think their high blocking numbers could be attributed to the fact that their wing trio Boskoviç-Kim-Natalia are exceptionally good blockers in their positions. Also Gibbemeyer, Beyza and Yasemin are all pretty good at blocking so far. At serving, they don't have scary servers (neither Boskoviç nor Kim are consistent servers this season) while their opponents have Ebrar, Haak, Vargas, Eda and Bahar. Eczacıbaşı is second best attacker team while their reception seem to suck this season (8th). That's surprising since their libero Simge is one of the best receiver liberos and Kim-Natalia duo is supposed to be a decent receiving line. Unfortunately both of them are underperforming at reception so far.

    Fenerbahçe is best server team as they have been last couple of years thanks to Vargas, Eda, Bahar and even Mihajloviç. Almost everyone in this team is a great server. They are 4th best blocker team just a bit behind of Karayolları (with 2,5) and as expected their reception stats are not the best thanks to their 2 player receiving system despite of their unstable liberos.

    Galatasaray is number 4 at serving, attacking and reception whereas their weakness as a team seems to be their blocking (2,2 per set, 7th best overall). The shortest MB of the league, Aslı Kalaç is doing a great job at blocking so far however, Belien is underperforming and neither Anthi nor Rykhliuk are good blockers despite their heights.

    Besides the top4, other interesting stats are:

    Karayolları is 3rd best blocker team thanks to beast performance of Gerasymova and tall players Elif Şahin and Tutku Burcu Yüzgenç. On the other hand, they are second-worst serving and attacking team of the league, which justifies their 11th position in overall ranking.

    THY is second best receiver team due to the good performances of their liberos Funda Bilgi and Berin Yıldırım as well as surprisingly solid reception of Anne Buijs. However, they are the 3rd worse blocker team. Ozgenur is doing an OK job but none of other MBs or wings are contributing at blocking points. They are missing a blocker MB like Ruseva.

    Beşiktaş is doing a surprisingly good job at reception as well despite of a reception line of Merve Dalbeler-Mislina Kilıç-Fulden Urel. However, they are terrible at pretty much all other departments.

    Yeşilyurt was terrible at reception (22%, 11th overall). Not surprising since Derya has been doing a very bad performance so far and Tuğba is not a solid receiver neither (although way better than Derya anyways) their second libero is also extremely bad receiver so they don't have much help from the bench. On the other hand, Yeşilyurt is 5th best attacker, blocker and serving team of the league compromising their bad performance at reception.

    PTT is the worse serving team (0,9) but still a pretty good blocking team (2,4)

  • But some brazilian MBs have played in Turkey right? Like Thaisa, Fabiana and Carol?

    Yes and I think we can say all were very successful, except Thaisa but she had a very unfortunate season with injuries so she couldn't finish what she started sadly which was still a promising :(

  • Yes and I think we can say all were very successful, except Thaisa but she had a very unfortunate season with injuries so she couldn't finish what she started sadly which was still a promising :(

    That video of Thaisa crying was one of the most painful and gut wrenching volleyball injury videos i have watched. But im glad that she has now recovered.

  • i hope turkish teams will open doors to brazilian middle blockers!

    Brazil's Superliga have a limited seats for foreigners and most of the clubs will pursue OH or Opp players. All the best brazilian MBs especially the seven points are bound by the best teams leaving behind the inexperienced and the mediocre which teams with money in Turkey or even Italy are not willing to take chances with. They want pedigree or they'll just use turkish MBs. This is not a problem for Turkish teams. It's a domestic one because there is demand for local MBs.

    Favorite players: M: Maxim Mikhaylov, Murilo, Serginho, Aaron Russell, Otavio, Simone Giannelli, Ivan Zaytsev, Tsvetan Sokolov, Michał Kubiak, Mariusz Wlazly, Pawel Zagummy W: Sheilla, Zhu Ting, Natalia, Fe Garay, Fofao, Gabi, Thaisa, Foluke Akinradewo, Wei Qiuyue, Ding Xia, Carli Lloyd, Fabi, Natalia Goncharova, Yuko Sano, Saoris Kimura and Sakoda

  • yeah i was nust hoping for mayany, bia, mara so that u20 players can be in the superleague. Just a wishful thinking though...

    I know for a fact turkish teams esp vitra has a lot of last minute worst transfers like lloyd and gibbemeyer.

  • But some brazilian MBs have played in Turkey right? Like Thaisa, Fabiana and Carol?

    Andressa has also played in Turkey (Eczasibasi) :win:

  • Wow thats big big news! Ezgi Dilik (S) terminated her contract with Aydin BB (with both sides' agreement).

    Looks like she retired from volleyball at the age of 24! No clue why yet: https://www.voleybolplus.com/ezgi-dilik-voleybolu-birakti/

    How shocking, this is a big loss for Turkish league and NT imo (and Aydin now), there is not many solid setters like Ezgi and her defensive skills may be even the best out of all setters :( Why so early, I hope it's a choice she can be happy with long term. I don't know if an injury last-minute forced this decision too though.

    As for the reasoning, from what I heard Ezgi likes to make a change in the world with her voice. She wants to continue her carreer as a writer full-time. I wish her good luck.

  • pity that ezgi quit volleyball, she has never been one of my favourites but she was a good alternative for mid level teams

    By the way zhidkova is fired from nilufer now they are looking for a new opp

  • Jordan Thompson already in Turkey via her IG Story.

    Hoping for a fruitfull 2020 for her in Turkey.

  • Vakif with michelle bartsch-hackley

    Fenerbahce with jordan thompson, rhamat alhassan.

    What's eczasibashi doing?? Any reinforcements?

    Bartsch is not needed when you have Gabi and Ebrar duo. So what now, Ebrar again on the bench even though She is performing really good?? Poor Ebrar, poor Meliha.

    Jordan is gone play until Vargas Comeback. Hard to believe that She can fill Vargas spot.

    I'm surprised that Eczacibasi didn't signed 1 more OH, why not? It is never enough. Poor Hande :/

    When will Turkish players become smarter ?