Turkey - Vestel Venüs Sultanlar Ligi - 2019/2020

  • I said endless times this league - and every other sport event still standing - should be cancelled. No matter whether it's called Serie A1 or Sultanlar Ligi. How can you be so shameless? :white:

    But you didn't post 1029i373828292294837 post about it.

    But finally We agree :)

  • I posted about closing the league since the very first person was found infected in Turkey few days ago. Read the topic more carefully: it's not me the one who uses two weights and two measures...

  • I know the biggest emergency station in Stuttgart (Klinikum Stuttgart), the INA, it is a very modern unit, but even that capacity is limited. I hope, they can cope with the rapidly rising surge of seriously infected people. The current measures in Germany can be only effective in 10 to 14 days, so the numbers will rise quickly - and most European countries will face the same fate.

  • But why are you not first here to post this comment or Beri ???

    What happend, why are you not loud ???

    Sidney you too ???

    Fuck you

  • My university was shut down and moved online, one of the neighboring universities in my province was going to party and all that.

    I have nothing to say.

    Same for me (Hawaii, USA). Its also spring break, so colleges/universities are switching to online and have students stay where they are on an extended spring break instead of returning to school.

    My concern is all the out of state students heading back home since it will cause more movement and spread of the virus. Cruise ships are still coming to my state. :down:

  • You know what's disgusting he is still trying to make it about Italian vs Turkish league somehow.

    QPL I'm also someone that just refuses to completely give up on people at any time, but we really should in this case.

    1 word guys: braindead

    Move on.

  • Fuck you

    So ironic, the persons who were the loudest are now the quietest and literally we are in the sam situation.

    First in the line is you, than beri.

    But I will never offend you, I'm always bigger :mirror:

  • Most of the players wrote on Twitter that they don't want to continue playing and they ask federation to stop the matches.

    And almost all the fans agree with players. It's not like "some players" making fun of situation and wanting to continue playing:wavy:

    I hope everything will be back to normal as soon as possible.

    And some ppl can go back being ignorant. Wait, they didn't stop being ignorant, my bad:whistle: :gone:

  • There are 2 groups with 4 teams. 8 teams in total. First 2 teams from 2 groups will move to final round and will face each other. After this round first 2 team will move to Sultans league.

    Kuzeyboru and Kale 1957 guaranteed to be in final round. I believe other 2 team will be determined after today's matches .

    You can watch the matches in TVF official YouTube channel. It's free and live.

  • John Obi Mikel had his contract terminated by F.C. Trabzonspor because he complained about having to still play in these conditions...:sos:

  • I think that the government is still hesitant to dictate drastic measures and tries to negotiate with federations and clubs who r insistently worrying about economic shortcomings... I desperately hope that common sense will prevail and inevitable decision wont be postponed any longer ......