Turkey - Vestel Venüs Sultanlar Ligi - 2019/2020

  • When he did that? Could you please give an example? Even she perform well, she benched easily.

    and I am gonna say it again if you don't give your young talents, how do you expect them to show theirself?

    I didn't underestimate Haak. I just include her name beside Boskovic and Egonu. I used ''even'' for a word because Haak is far from them.

    WCCH 2018 and 2019. Turkish League finals in 2018.

  • but WCCH 2018 and 2019 is when Ebrar did prove she's got it, she saved VB from Praia in an insane way iirc and was taking so much responsibility with Conegliano:call: iirc he benched her right after her great performance vs Praia...

    Ebrar might be a character that's a handful to work with Idk about that but I agree that Gio is not been entirely fair with her for some reason.