Russia - SUPERLIGA PARIMATCH 2019/2020

  • Dinamo Moscow appealed against the league for assigning the title to Dinamo-Kazan.

    I didn't know it happened. Just like I said for Chemik Police, the league can't give a title normally assigned by the play-offs using the regular season ranking. It makes no sense. No play-offs, no title.

  • They lost clear 3:0. What they want ?

    Dinamo Kazan is Champion :cup:

  • Don't take it to heart. QLP used that hyperbole as a shorthand for "old school volleyball", something you yourself seem to acknowledge Russian league was known for. I'm afraid the reputation stuck, and the successes of Russian NT and Russian clubs in the last decade notwithstanding, it's not like that reputation is completely without merit. That old school style can still achieve some level of success in modern volleyball, especially when carried by such talents as Goncharova and Kosheleva (at her height). Doesn't mean there aren't some intrinsic flaws and drawbacks to that style (including aesthetic appeal).:)

    i don't take it to heart. There are two way of expressing your opinion. (normal way and provocative). The latter one is the main reason why i distance myself from this forum. He could say that I don't like the level of this league or it is not like it used to be. When someone says something about Carlini, he finds it provocative but he also do it here many times. OTOH, you also react things when you disagree about Maja and certain players. In his case, Russian league was a scapegoat because of Carlini's current performance. I wonder who is responsible for Carli Lloyd's case ? Turkish league ? To me, recently Hancock and Poulter overplayed Carlini in all aspect of their plays.

    He probably doesn't know there are many youth girls from Belarus who wish to play in Russian league. Most of them live and play with this dream. Calling this league ghost ship, you probably need to count at least 20 or more better leagues than Russian one. Do we have 20 better leagues than Russian league in the worldwide ?

    anyway, if this league really was a ghost ship league, world's best setter Maja wouldn't sign with two teams at the same. Before Moscow, she had all agreements with Loko, when Loko was ready to announce this transfer last year, she signed for the D.Moscow.

    Russian league was built around local players or cheap foreign players (belarusia, ukraine). You probably need at least 100 strong local players to boost every team of this league which is not easy in women's volleyball. So far, it works well for men's league in comparison to women's.

  • Sorry, What else can I say if I find this league ugly and anachronistic? It's not a provocation. I'm not crovolley, I express myself directly, no need to metaphors.

    I feel the very same way about the brazilian Superliga. I used to know every single player of that league till 5/6 years ago, but now I can't find it an intresting league to watch. I don't know most most of the players and I get confused, 'cause they have all the same names. I wrote it in their league topic and no one felt provocated or pissed off, on the other hand they said "you're right, the level is pretty low compared to the golden ages of the league" and we now share and talk about some mid-90' finals. That's all.

    It's not just a matter of level, it just has zero appeal to me. I watch some mid-level leagues, such as the german, portorican or swiss... They may have short and powerless players, but they can play a modern and technical volleyball at least. When I watch russian games I see zero ball control, setters running like crazy to save the ball and high and slow sets to crazy tall and slow girls most of the time. This is not for my taste. Sorry.

  • she is offended about the same kinda things she says towards the Turkish league


    Idk what there is to leave the forum for, he just says the league is nowhere near the quality it once was which is true when we look at stats and it's his opinion after all. I agree with Ksenia that QPL exaggerated it, Russian league is not close to being a ghost ship either. Maybe he should have worded it better.

    I really liked Kazan's game this season, if they could build more teams as them they could come right back, who knows.

  • You guys shouldn’t even bother to reply to her at all after she said Russia does not have any problem with gays and that killing of gays were a lie and it was invented by western media. And don’t forget, she visited Istanbul and didn’t like it at all.

  • But I don't want to express myself directly, because it'll be very offensive towards you. I've done with this forum, suit for yourself.

    ma'am learn to keep your word for once!! xoxo

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  • Quote from Transfer News (posting here to avoid being off-topic)

    Unrelated to the transfer per se, but what an amazing tattoo :love:

    No hate, but it’s awful in my eyes. 🙃

  • Sakhalin won't be part of the Super League next season (lack of financial means).

    They had a pretty competitive squad last season (6th place and went 2:3 in both QF against Uralochka.

    A bit late for the players to find a good club...

    Frolova was IMHO the best player of the team.

    The rest of the league is probably happy about the news. Sakhalin was the longest travel for most of the teams (Sakhalin is closer to Krasnoyarsk than Kaliningrad).