Russia - SUPERLIGA PARIMATCH 2019/2020

  • Carlini working her magic again, her MBs got 19 balls over 5 sets :obey:

    Despite 42% excellent reception. =O I get bringing in a foreign setter if you can get one of the very best in the world, but Carlini is not Ognjenovic and they have Babeshina anyway who would do a fine job so I think they should've got another foreign OH.

  • O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

    Vow :white:.

    I just the stats and she`s not receiving very many. Is she playing as OH or OPP?.

    Either way Parubets is amazing.

    Parubets is playing as OPP but on the receiving line. What is happening is that the teams know that she has a great reception and are not directing service to her. But Kseniia is getting the serve by the team. She is the most complete player of the Russian league in the last 3 years. She makes many points, she has the best reception of the championship. This season, he began to serve with the jump, as Voronkova.

  • Belarusian player, Anna Klimets was injured at the last game with Proton. She will have surgery in the near future. Unfortunately, she has already finished this season. Now the most important thing for her is to recover and prepare for the next season.

    I find it quite amazing how she was able to walk off the court on her own with a torn Achilles tendon :white:;(

  • Tomorrow we have:

    Uralochka-Kazan and Moscow-Kaliningrad.

    Moscow with only 1 win so far. Lokomotiv lost against Kazan.

    Uralochka was struggling last match even before they lost Klimets. Then again Marichev's Proton is the positive surprise of the league so far. Kazan's first team is unbeaten so far...

  • Meanwhile I'm watching Dinamo Moscow. The match sucks. Their libero can't pass a single ball. Stolyarova was moved to outside hitter out of desperation. Carlini can actually play the middle just on the free balls and they even choke or spike out. Fetisova is in terrible shape or just playing awful, she can't close any corner when it comes to block opposite and outside hitters... 3 passers that don't make a good one. Carlini left the court for Sheshenina and now Lokomotiv is breaking point by point.

  • Bogacheva is out. Carlini is back. And Efimova presents herself jumping on Zivkovic's feint, while the serbian was on the back row, leaving the opponent middle without block. :aww:

  • First lose for Kazan, but again Samanta Fabris as best scorer for Kazan with 19points in 3sets :D

    Great set ration for her this season!!

    Russia has crazy schedule, Kazan is still without home match after 5th round?! So many flights in short period :what:

  • Russian Superliga must be the only league in the world where liberos are worse than outside hitters at passing.

    This girl from Dinamo Moscow is a real beauty, but she can't pass or digg a ball.

    Embarrassing 0-3 at home for the girls from Moscow. In the end the big girl from Lokomovit did everything in her power to lose the set, but it wasn't enough. The red-green team outplayed the opponent with passing and defence.

  • 1.Minchanka vs Enisei 3-2 (18:25, 25:20, 23:25, 25:21, 15:9)

    Dumcheva 23 (50%), Drpa 20 (38%), Sokolchik 18 (40%)

    2.Uralochka vs  D.Kazan 3-0 (25:20, 25:21, 25:22)

    Parubets 23 (53%), Fabris 18 (44%), Anisova 16 (54%)

    3.D.Moscow vs  Lokomotiv 0-3 (22:25, 24:26, 22:25)

    Cleger 19 (42%), Goncharova 15 (24%), Havelkova 14 (42%)

    4.Zarechie vs D.Metar 0-3 (22:25, 20:25, 21:25)

    Russu 23 (44%), Smirnova 18 (42%), Markevich 16 (54%)

    5.Proton vs D.Krasnodar 3-1 (21:25, 25:23, 25:20, 29:27)

    Martynyuk 30 (57%), Simonenko 21 (58%), Sperskaite 21 (53%)

    6.Leningradka vs Sakhalin 1-3 (12:25, 27:25, 26:28, 22:25)

    Garelik 23 (40%), Frolova 17 (48%), Malygina 15 (42%)


    1.Lokomotiv 4-1 (13)

    2.Uralochka 4-1 (13)

    3.Sakhalin 4-1 (10)

    4.Proton 4-1 (10)

    5.D.Kazan 3-2 (9)

    6.Zarechie 3-2 (8)

    7.Leningradka 2-3 (5)

    8.Minchanka 2-3 (5)

    9.D.Moscow 1-4 (5)

    10.Enisei 1-4 (4)

    11.D.Metar 1-4 (4)

    12.D.Krasnodar 1-4 (4)