Russia - SUPERLIGA PARIMATCH 2019/2020

  • Goncharova is really game changer, from the minute when She came in the court Moscow started to play much better !

  • My God Startseva is pure mess :down:

  • And Dinamo Kazan won Russian CUP :cup::cup::cup:

    Congrats my dear Samanta Fabris one more CUP in your career :heart:

  • Can someone explain this individual awards, I don't get it at all. ?


    Best libero: Malinova

    Best setter: Babeshina

    Best server: Startseva

    Best blocker: Korolova

    If I get it right, and what did De La Cruz and Fabris got ?

  • My GOD STARTSEVA WAS MVP :gone::gone::gone::gone::gone:

    I just can't :rolll::rolll::aww::aww::aww:

    Samanta Fabris won the best attacker award and De La Cruz best server.

    Samanta Fabris was again top scorer with 29points.

  • So the cup ended as expected...

    Lokomotiv was a bit of a disapointment. They were more or less at full strenght (Orlova had some problems in the second game) unlike their opponents and were not able to seriously challenge Kazan. So far they were not able to step up when it counts (cup, play-off final last year).

    Some random (rather irrelevant) thoughts: Why did they play a 3rd place match? And why did both teams play with the best formation in that game? What happened to Stolyarova's face (skin)? Why did every team except Moscow play in their international shirts? Is it just me or are the umpires occasionally ignoring what they see on the replay (i.e. block touch Kazan)?

  • Top matches this weekend are Kazan-Moscow and Lokomotiv-Proton. I hope the players had enough time to recover...

    Home teams are favourites. Looks like Moscow-Proton will meet in the first round of playoffs. At the moment Proton would have the home advantage.

  • Again clear win for Kazan over Moscow !:white::super:

  • Shevchuk joined Enisey.

    Proton-Uralochka next Sunday. Proton won the first match 3:2 in Ekaterinburg (Klimets got injured in that game). Proton had several chances against Lokomotiv to win the 3rd set. They should have a decent chance to win.

  • Kaliningrad won in three close sets against Ekaterinburg and defended the lead of the league, Kazan inherited now finally second place before Uralochka this way. Saratov and Moscow are too far behind indeed, to play a major role for the first three (potentially CL qualifying, but wait for the playoffs) positions.

  • Last round of qualification this weekend. Four teams compete (theoretically) for the two last playoff places: Krasnodar (6 victories, 17 pts.), Leningrad (5, 16), Minsk (5, 12), Zarechie (4, 13). Krasnodar should win (at Dinamo Metar) and stay in 6th place. The other teams are expected to lose (all away against top five teams). That would give Leningrad the last spot.

    With a win against Zarechie Proton can secure 4th place (even though they have less points then their quarterfinal opponent Moscow). Just a reminder that they were in the last place last season!

    Loko will keep the first place if they take their first team to Sakhalin. Kazan's first team only lost against Uralochka (juniors lost in Sakhalin).

  • Ksyusha

    Changed the title of the thread from “Russia - Chempionat Sredi Zhenshchin 2019/2020” to “Russia - SUPERLIGA PARIMATCH 2019/2020”.
  • I didn't know that Irina Zaryazhko is such funny person, I though that She is cold and always serious but She is literally so opposite of that

    I just watched Fabris story on instagram they are acting like they are drunk as hell, on training :cheesy:


  • Surprise, surprise: Proton lost at home in tie-break after leading 2:1 in sets against underdog Odintsovo, and straightforwardly Moscow used this to overtake them in the very last moment possible in the table to take fourth place in the table :rolll:.