Russia - SUPERLIGA PARIMATCH 2019/2020

  • Parubets is an awesome player.

    She is new, and for at least the last 3 seasons she has been the best player in Russia. It's amazing what she can do: attack, get the serve, block, defense. A complete player.

    Russia has always had problems with players in this position. Only Sokolova had all the fundamentals of the game, so Kosheleva was just about to attack.

    I believe the Parubets-Voronkova duo will be too big for Russia. They can do everything. Voronkova has great jumping service, and is gaining experience at the front desk.

    Russia no longer needs an old game where only 2 players get the serve. Kosheleva could currently play only as a substitute player.

    Uralochka and Lokomotiv will be Russia's great teams in the coming years, and that's because Russia's top 2 players are currently there: Parubets and Voronkova.

  • Today We have very interesting match between D.Kazan and D.Moscow :D

    Match is starting at 15h (CET) right?

  • What a performance from Fabris in first set, 8-9points :super:

    She is in really nice shape.

  • 24 points by Samanta Fabris in only 3sets.:super::what:

  • All good things come to an end. Well not quite yet... Proton is still going pretty strong even after they lost half of their reception (libero Lavnova got injured against Krasnodar). They used a two-player reception (with Simonenko getting more than 60 % of the balls and doing an great job). Without Lavnova they seemed a bit out of system but luckily the opponent was Minsk...

    Pipunirova was not used agains Kazan (probably a small injury). Kotikova was icing her knee in the stands.

    Matveeva joined Zarechie (I think 3 weeks ago). I would expect on loan but have no information.

    After all 3:0 games last week this weeks match ups look pretty one-sided too.

    Loko-Sakhalin: technically the top match but Loko shouldn't have too many troubles.

    Minsk-Moscow: both teams with only two wins so far but easy win for Dinamo expected.

    Krasnodar-Dinomo Metar: the two teams at the bottom of the table. Might be the closest match of the week-end.

  • What a performance by Fabris in 3rd set

    She scored only in 3rd set over 10points for sure(around 13points) :white: With 3 as serve.

  • Samanta Fabris scored 22points in 3sets :D

    She is second top scorer of the league for now.

  • Today starts the last round for this year (number 10 out of 16). The top clubs are facing each other on Sunday:

    - Uralochka vs Moskow: Both teams with poor performances in the CL. Both without their designated OPP. I think Uralochka is the favourite but would expect at least 4 sets. I think Moscow played better with Babeshina but do not expect her to start.

    - Kazan vs Lokomotiv: Kazan won in Kaliningrad but they are struggling with injuries. Kadochkina is out and I think that Kotikova is still having some health problems. Good thing they have good juniors. Loko is showing a good form but Galkina is struggling. Should be a tight game. And they will meet again next Wednesday in the Cup Semis.

  • Uralochka has a huge problem to find a suitable replacement for Klimets, today they're trying the 4th (!) option on that position already...

    By the way, is Safonova injured too? I don't remember her entering court for Uralochka so far this season...

  • And again Dinamo Kazan beat Kaliningrad, now with 3:1.

    Kazan is now in fight for number 1 spot !

    Samanta Fabris top scorer with 26points :win:

  • Russian cup today and tomorrow in Kazan.

    Same match ups as in the last league round:

    Uralochka - Moscow and Kazan - Lokomotiv

    Dinamos won a few days ago and are favourites. All teams are missing players because of injuries. Smirnova joined Uralochka a week ago. No idea why Safonova is not playing. Was injured at the beginning of the season but has been listed as substitute for several weeks. Drča's injury did not look good but no information so far.

    I think Kazan is the favourite for the title but no team was convincing so far...

  • Fabris again with 28 points in 4sets! :super: