Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2019-2020

  • PFU and Toyota in a Tie Break. Looks like Toyota may be taking their skid early this year. They need a setter

  • PFU has improved this year but it looks like winning Tie Breakers is still be above their pay grade :(


  • That seems so. Pretty sad state of affairs

    5-0 Himeji over Hisamitsu. I really really hope Himeji beats them :)

  • 8–0

    This is too funny. It's a pretty packed Himeji Home game.

  • That is so weird. I watched the VTV Live Score for Toyota v PFU and Toyota won it 15–10

    I must have been mixed up :rolll:

  • 15–12, phew

    if Toyota would have won it 15–10 it would've freaked me out =O

  • Himeji takes the first set 25–22. Thought Hisamitsu was gonna come back. Ivna did well scoring. Himeji is showing a little defense. One set might be all they get but it feels good :)

  • Himeji has some serve confidence going on. Coach had been talking about that. It's huge for them. Haven't made an error yet. Usually have 3-5 by mid set 2

  • Super Cool. Himeji up 2–0 :):)

    Match isn't safe yet ... it is Hisamitsu and Himeji, but wow

  • Read an interview with Yuka Kanasugi. She was asked if being a clown was important, if she did it on purpose. She said: "I'm aware of it".

    Google translate but seems about right