Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2019-2020

  • Okayama wins vs. Kurobe.

    Star 5-1 Premier today

  • 2 Groups

    Star 1, 3 and Premier 2, 4

    Star 2, 4 and Premier 1, 3

    1st placers carry over 3 points

    2nd placers carry over 2 point

    3rd placers carry over 1 point

    4th placers with 0

    After a round robin, the top 2 teams per group proceed to semis.


    Group 1 1st vs. Group 2 2nd

    Group 2 1st vs. Group 1 2nd

    then finals

  • Looks like the projections are true for Hitachi's fate. Hisamitsu will most likely get the 4th slot

    I think a more likely chance for Hitachi sneaking in comes from a complete NEC meltdown. Hisamitsu's troubles are inscrutable. NEC losing all the rest of their matches wouldn't surprise anyone. I don't know what the math says about that because I don't do math, but it feels possible.

  • This broadcasting shitfest is really testing me.

    I downloaded the JT v Hisamitsu from live365. It was a GAORA broadcast that was streamed and it has The Mandarin Mumbler, voiced by some little creature in the lower right corner. In this case, a fox, I think. Many of the off-channel streams have had this, like the betting sites. I'm not sure if it's been all the GAORA (as opposed to DAZN) broadcasts, or what. But the real puzzle is where are they grabbed from that they have this Mandarin Mumbler Creature

    The Fox:

    A Polar Bear?:

  • 4T is playing with Vietnam in the Seagames. Denso must have said it was cool, or they had no choice. (she wasn't playing anyway)

    We were discussing Neriman playing with Turkish NT and someone mentioned that it's Federation rule that local teams can't interfere with a player representing her NT if called upon.

  • Mako Shiina's Ace and the Coach's response (queued up):

  • I'm secretly hoping that NEC, my first true love of a team, loses tonight against Toray, because NEC losing all the rest of their games is the only shot Hitachi, one of my new true loves, has of making the Final 8.

    Don't tell anyone

    Of course I have to hope Hitachi crushes JT as well :)

  • Anyone with a link jt hitachi?

  • Happy to see YOLO in the starting lineup but OH is not her position

  • Anyone with a link jt hitachi?

    Did you check that Facebook page? That's really the only hope besides live365

  • and yes, another JT match snub 🤣

  • and yes, another JT match snub 🤣

    That's tragic. It's got to be a better match than this NEC/Toray mess.

    I know I'm reading more into it than is really there but I don't think this Kurogo / Ishikawa thing is going to work out as good as it sounds on paper.

  • This is painful volleyball. The only reason I'm watching it is because it's the only thing broadcasted.

    Painful to see YOLO exiled to left side of the court :( I wonder if it's the coach or the setter that doesn't want, or know how, to utilize the vast toolkit she brings to the right side of the court ?(

  • The match is in 365. JT up 25-17, 25-16!

  • The match is in 365. JT up 25-17, 25-16!

    JT is a little too much for Hitachi. Looking at the stats it seems Kitsui is picking up a little slack for struggling Tanaka. That's a good sign, deepens JT for the long haul. Don't have to worry about Tanaka. She's proven, she's true

  • Not to dwell on this Kurogo / Ishikawa matter :rolll: but ... Kurogo was Japan's new star/new hope, and ... not to suggest Ishikawa is better than her but Ishikawa is ten times more aggressive and psychologically stronger. Or so it seems to me.

    Maybe it's Kurogo's wisdom to play all meek in order for Mayu to grow faster.

  • Okayama's the best team on the planet. How come it's 1–1? Should be 2–0 :cheesy:

  • Speaking of Mako Shiina, I think she's going to be a star for Saitama. She was Mayu Ishikawa's team mate at Shimokitazawa Seitoku H.S. and won two championships there. I don't know what her contribution was but based on the camera time she's getting there are expectations for her. Decent reception, decent serve, good jumper. So far.