Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2019-2020

  • No names because this isn't about the people. We love them both. No beefs, except toward Eurotardsmanship in general. What's with this fanciful notion that playing in Japan is a walk in the park, easy to score?

    How does 1.5% better in Hitting Ratio against short weaklings in a weak league translate one of these players to a best attacker in the world and the other to a weakling Japanese who struggles to score?

    191cm Super Strong Super Athletic MVP type
    174cm Sophomore Weakling Nobody
    Smiles a lot Doesn't smile
    Spikes 100km/hr
    Can't spike 80km/hr
    Attack: 645/316/44 Attack: 430/186/11
    Kill 49%
    Kill 43.3%
    Hit 42.1%
    Hit 40.6%

    Both of them are hidden on receive.


    171cm Spunky and athletic
    Attack 450/185/18
    Kill 41.1%
    Hit 37.1%
    591 receptions @58.3% and she doesn't get tired from bending over a little bit to do it. Receiving serve and attacking it makes you an owner of the court. It improves your Hit % if you know how to do it.

    I imagine our 191cm specimen could still hit in the 40+% range while our 174cm weakling would hit 30% if they both played in Europe. There's that (we assume).

  • Hisae Watanabe is 175cm (left), Mai Irisawa is 187cm (right). I'd guess Hanna Tapp is 181cm not 191cm:

  • Neriman is on the extended list of NT for Olympic qualifiers and it seems like they will go to camp tomorrow. Did Toyota allow her to leave or she won't join the camp?

  • Neriman is on the extended list of NT for Olympic qualifiers and it seems like they will go to camp tomorrow. Did Toyota allow her to leave or she won't join the camp?

    We'll know tonight if Neriman is rostered up or not. I'll post and let you know. Japan volleyball would never "announce" anything of great interest like that :wall:

    I hope she goes. Toyota has already started their seasonal nose dive and Neriman looks frustrated.

    I've never seen Neriman in a Turkish uniform and I want to.

  • 6 ft 3 in or 190.5 cm tall (2.54 cm per inch)

    They must measure her to the top of her hair bun :rolll:

    Hannah gets the first spot in the lineup after the captain (who's 177cm and up to Hannah's ears) so Hitachi thinks she's taller than Mai Irisawa whose shoulders are higher than Hannah's.

    Maybe Hannah is a serial sloucher

  • There are three VTV matches tonight --two of them on at the same time, way to go schedulers!-- but none of them is Okayama v Hitachi, the best volleyball Japan has to offer :cursing:

    On the other hand there are a couple V2 matches scheduled to be broadcast. One of them is Ami & Emi! We'll see how that goes.

  • I think this issue is fairly easily resolved. In the NCAA, the American college league where Tapp presumably got her measured height, it´s standard to measure the height of every player with shoes on (which give the players a boost of about 3.0 cm). In addition to that they usually measure them early in the morning, when they are 1.5-2 cm taller than in the evening as well as preferably rounding half an inch up rather than down if a borderline-case pops up, i.e a player who is 6´2 and half an inch will likely be listed as 6´3 (191 cm) instead of 6´2 (188 cm). Hence a player who is 185 cm can easily come across as 191 cm given the variables involved in this system of measurement.

  • Meatballs Neriman is on court with Toyota

  • This JT v Saitama is a JT Fake Home game and they seem pretty dominant these days, but this is about the time of year that Saitama steps on the gas, and they got Mako Shiina and Misaki Inoue (C) in the starting lineup. It's a toss up. Big Blond Southpaws going at it :box:

    I'm with runnerupster on this. Annie Drews approaches her attack like she's shot out of a cannon:thumbup:

  • No links for saitama jt?

    Nothing on live365 and FB dude is streaming PFU

    Not much of a toss up. JT's defense is too quick for Saitama. Jaja is the only one putting the ball down. JT also starts playing a little better as the set rolls on, peaking when things turn 20. Hisamitsu used that trick last year to win some matches

  • okayama vs hitachi got live at QQ!:box:


    As was expected the first scheduled V2 match "Live" on VTV is an error code, not a stream :wall: