French NT 2019

  • French 2019 VNL Roster / age


    Benjamin Toniutti - 29

    Rafael Corre - 29

    Antoine Brizard - 25


    Julien Lyneel - 29

    Earvin N'Gapeth - 28

    Kevin Tillie - 28

    Yacine Louati - 27

    Thibault Rossard - 25

    Trevor Clevenot - 24

    Timothee Carle - 23

    Luka Basic - 24


    Stephen Boyer - 23

    Jean Patry - 22


    Kevin Leroux- 30

    Jonas Aguenier - 27

    Nicolas Le Goff - 27

    Kevin Kaba - 25

    Daryl Bultor - 23

    Gildaz Prevert - 23

    Bart Chinenyeze - 21


    Nicolas Rossard - 29

    Jenia Grebennikov - 28

    Benjamin Diez - 21

  • my heart is bleeding for Yacine, he seems sad with the outcome of the game.

    I'm not blaming you :rose::win:

  • Toniutti, N'Gapeth and Leroux will play in Cannes.

    C. Tillie please rest your son :rolll:

  • my 3rd week roster

    Setter: Toniutti / Brizard (Rest Corre so that he can play in the 4th week and Brizard can have his break)

    OH: N'Gapeth / Clevenot / Rossard / Yacine (Rest Tillie)

    MB: Leroux / Le Goff / Chinenyeze / Aguenier (ideally rest Le Goff)

    OPP: Boyer and Carle (rest Patry)

    L: Jenia / Lyneel

  • You're Fiveonevb, right? :wavy:

    Sorry I'm gonna flood this thread :win:

  • club teams for 2019/2020

    Serie A - Italy

    Barthélémy Chinenyeze - Valentia

    Timothée Carle - Valentia

    Trévor Clévenot - Milano ????

    Yacine Louati - Monza

    Luka Basic - Milano ????

    Jean Patry - Latina

    Jenia Grebennikov - Trentino

    Stephen Boyer - Verona (to be confirmed)

    Serie A2 - Italy

    Jonas Aguenier - Monini Marconi Spoleto ????

    Superleague - Russia

    Earvin N'Gapeth - Zenit Kazan

    Plus Liga - Poland

    Benjamin Toniutti - Zaksa

    Antoine Brizard - Onico Warsaw ???

    Kevin Tillie - Onico Warsaw

    Julien Lyneel - Jastrzębski Węgiel ????

    Ligue A - France

    Axel Truhtchev - GFC Ajaccio Volley

    Daryl Bultor - Arago de Sete ????

    Raphaël Corre - Chaumont Volley

    Nicolas Rossard - Tours VB

    Gildas Prévert - Rennes VB

    Kévin Kaba - Montpellier UC

    Benjamin Diez - Montpellier UC ????

    Bundesliga - Germany

    Nicolas Le Goff - Berlin Recycling Volley ????

    Division 1 - Turkey

    Thibault Rossard - Fenerbahçe

  • I think you can exclude this one as Le Roux has already departed from Sada a while ago.

    noted. tnxs

  • Source: FFVB

    VNL: The Blues give in to the United States

    For its last Volleyball Nations League meeting this weekend in Cannes, the French team was beaten by a beautiful American team Sunday in a hung match (25-23, 22-25, 26-28, 25- 27). The Blues will continue their journey in Iran next week.

    After their victory against Germany (3-1) and their defeat against Argentina (1-3), the French team ended their Cannes weekend with a setback against the United States (25-23, 22-25, 26-28, 25-27), their third overall in nine games of the Volleyball Nations League. The Habs succumbed to an American team that made a solid victory at the Palais des Victoires (3 wins), despite the absence of star Matthew Anderson, Earvin Ngapeth's teammate in Kazan. But former Tourangeau David Smith, who played in Poland last season with Thibault Rossard, remembered good memories of the French public (13 points including 5 blocks).

    For this ultimate Cannes outing, Rossard is right alongside Kévin Tillie, Antoine Brizard, Stephen Boyer, Kévin Le Roux, Barthélémy Chinenyeze and Jenia Grebennikov. The Blues make a good start to the block, but it does not allow them to create the gap (7-7). The first set is also very tight, with several equalities (14-14, 19-19, etc.). It is necessary that Tillie catches the hands of the blocker to create the first break (21-19), and it is concluded a little later by Boyer (25-23), author of a big first set (7 points on his 14 ).

    In the next round, the game of the Blues is less fluid, and this translates into a 5-0 which is very painful (16-22). The coach took the opportunity to briefly launch BenjaminToniutti, Julien Lyneel and Jean Patry, whose efforts do not prevent the loss of the set (22-25). Entries by Nicolas Le Goff and Earvin Ngapeth boost the French game, and the level goes up a notch in the third act (15-15), where the Blues save three set balls, but not four (26-28).

    The Blues restart the fourth well (9-6), and Laurent Tillie appreciates. "It's a good match," slipped the coach to his players during a timeout. A meeting that rocks for a few centimeters when Patry thinks he equalizes to two runs everywhere, while he bit a bit the line of three meters (24-24). After an attack announced in the ground for a small piece of leather, the Americans eventually prevail (25-27), despite the efforts of Tillie (16 pts) or Ngapeth (11 pts).

    After a few days in France, which allowed the Tricolores to make their mark just a few weeks from EuroVolley, the Blues will now take the lead of Iran to face Australia, Portugal and the doubles champions of Asia . It will be with Yacine Louati, Timothy Carle, Nicolas Rossard, Jonas Aguenier and Raphael Corre, who return to the group for this trip.

    Reaction of Laurent Tillie, coach of the France team: "It was indeed a very good match, with a very high technical quality and physical density.We answered this.We are not far from winning this fourth set which We would have offered a tie-break, but it was really a very nice volleyball game, we lost it on the end, on the details ... On the record of the weekend, we are a little frustrated, because we would have I wanted a victory more, but on the whole it is quite satisfactory It was a pleasure to play in front of the French public, especially for me personally, in Cannes, in my stronghold, we would have really liked to offer them a small extra victory. "

  • FFVB should never hold any future International VB tournament in Cannes, disappointed with the crowd. They only showed up on the 3rd day. Even then, they're not that engaging :down: