French NT 2019

  • Not a topic that really belongs to the French NT thread but I will jump in very shortly with a comment.

    Absolutely right, good memory :) To me, this absurd yellow vest is one of the few/some/many reasons volleyball is not taken seriously. How hard can it be to make him wear a differently colored (normal) shirt or the team's second uniform? With that vest on, the player looks like an out-of-scope construction worker who got invited to play some ball with the lads in the park before taking on his night shift.

    Didn't mean to divert the thread from the French topic.

    Sidetracking this thread with one more response on this. Interestingly, I recall Bakiewicz was changing to wear the team's second uniform, but he's then told not to change his jersey but to put that yellow vest on instead.

  • K. Tillie, Lyneel and Le Roux can retire after this cycle.

  • sorry to continue the OT but why exactly did they use the vest instead of a regular off-color shirt???? were there different rules or was just a regular libero?

    Maybe it was related somehow that each team could take only one libero and it couldn’t be substituted during a whole set by regular sub but it was subbed finally by other player as couldn’t continue the game. Vest was used only in the set when libero was injured/stopped playing, during next sets the new libero player wore regular libero T-shirt.

  • My Tokyo Roster







    Rossard (if still injured Winkelmuller)

    Le Roux





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  • I don't know much about Patry's injury and Boyer's relation with the NT.

    With their issues, France is without an Opp (lol)

  • FIVB listed Carle as Opp before.