French NT 2019

  • Bernardinho new coach of French NT.

    I expected him to take the Womens Bra NT, but Ze Roberto might want to continue.

    Really bad for Brazil. I think that the challenge of a new team and the money are something that BRA NT cant give to him.

  • Any news about their VNL roster?

  • from: dal15al25

    Laurent Tillie announced the list of players called to prepare the Nations League volleyball, whose 2021 edition will be held from 28 May to 27 June in a health bubble, in Rimini.

    The list for 12 May (their club this season by the way):


    Leo Meyer (Nantes-Rezé),

    Thomas Gill (Montpellier)


    Kevin Le Roux (Berlin),

    Moussé Gueye (Narbonne),

    Gildas Prévert (Paris);


    Stephen Boyer (Al Arabi),

    Theo Faure (Toulouse),

    Receivers / strikers:

    Julien Lyneel,

    Timothée Carle (Berlin),

    Pierre Derouillon (Toulouse);


    Benjamin Diez (Paris)

    List of May 17:


    Benjamin Toniutti (Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle),

    Antoine Brizard (Zenit St. Petersburg);

    Central players:

    Bartolomeo Chinenyeze (Vibo Valentia),

    Niccolò Le Goff (Montpellier),

    Daryl Bultor (Salvo):


    Jean Patry (Milan)

    Jhon Wendt (Sakai)

    Receivers / strikers:

    Earvin Ngapeth (Zenit Kazan),

    Kevin Tillie (Top Volley) Cisterna),

    Yacine Louati (Jastrzebski Wegiel),

    Trevor Clevenot (Piacenza),

    Thibault Rossard (Vibo Valentia).


    Jenia Grebennikov (Modena).

  • France for VNL:

    S: Toniutti, Brizard, Meyer,

    Opp: Patry, Boyer, Faure,

    OH: Tillie, Lyneel, Ngapeth, Clevenot, Rossard, Louati,

    MB: Chinenyeze, Le Goff, Bultor, Gueye,

    L: Grebennikov, Diez

    Boyer is back for good so probably everything is ok between him and Ervin.

    Actually battle for OHs spots seems very interesting.

  • enough reason not to bring him.

    "It did me a lot of good at the head to play again at my post"

    Let's go back to last season which was complicated for you, since you were not able to play in a club, how did you experience it?

    Bad! It was the first time in my career that I really did a blank season like that. It was frustrating because I felt like I couldn't do it, I finally went through the operation at the end of December (for a shoulder dislocation and a little knee cleaning) and there I come back gently. I'm not 100% yet, but it feels good to find the friends in the field, to work a little serenely, even if I know that time is running out. What percentage of your abilities do you estimate yourself at today?

    I am at 70-80%, I do not yet have all my sensations on the knee, but I know that the process is long, I have to gradually rehab my knee to the impacts, it takes time, you have to muscle well. There are days when you feel that you are progressing, others when you are stagnating, you have to be patient and continue to work well. What do you cling to in a season like this?

    Source: ffvolley

  • I know this is an outdated question, but why did Antonin Rouzier retire from the national team so young?

  • ^^^ he was 29 when he retired. That was 5 years ago. He's 34 now, not sure about his health then but him retiring gave way for guys like Patry and Boyer to develop and be seasoned come 2024.

  • I know i've been against Lyneel's inclusion in the roster. But after realizing that he was not a part of the Rio roster. i feel for the guy.. he did so much for team France. like when every time N'Gapeth and Tillie were hurt, he's there to take on the role. (see: WL preliminary round)

    Hoping for your fast recovery.


    We will no longer see Julien Lyneel on the floors of Rimini, in the League of Nations. The receiver-striker of les Bleus (220 caps) threw in the towel on Tuesday, a few hours before the match against the Netherlands, released by the coach Laurent Tillie after a final interview. The physical has not kept pace with the pace imposed by the preparation for the Olympic Games, which it is also forced to give up.

    Julien Lyneel, 31, had to shorten his season in Vibo Valentia, Italy, which suffered a dislocation in his right shoulder last December. He had returned to France for surgery, and had not played for a club again.

    "I would like to thank the staff and players for their trust and support throughout this period," the player said in a statement from the Federation. Being able to play again in the French team and share these moments with my friends made me feel good. We gave the max to come back, but I have to accept the observation that the deadlines will be too short for me to be competitive. My will to play again under the blue jersey remains intact. »

    In Rimini, he was first used as a libero during the first matches, before playing about fifteen sets against Serbia, Japan, Slovenia and Canada, and scoring 9 points as a receiver-forward.

    Last excluded from the selection for the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 in favor of Trevor Clévenot, Lyneel, one of the hosts of the blue group since his first selection in 2011, had regained his place at Euro 2019 in France. He had just announced his return to Montpellier,in the A-League.

  • i am sad for Thibault 😢😢😢😢🥺

    I hope he's still Tokyo bound even as alternate. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Will they bring alternate players? The article from FFvolley states that Rossard, Faure and Meyer will return to France today.