Challenge Cup 2020

  • That's likely a very one-sided match.

    It is so far😅

  • 3rd set: 2-3, 6-6, 7-9, 18-14, 18-16, 20-16, 23-17, 23-21, 25-21

    Drsedner didnt give they want the 4th set +the golden

    4th set: 3-2, 8-6, 11-7, 14-8 (ao thiras benched some players..probably they are waiting for the golden set)

    19-8, 25-12

  • as expected according to the betting sites the teams that qualified to the semifinals are quite in the same level

    THY 2.50

    Olympiakos 3.50

    Beziers 3.50

    Dresdner 5.50

  • How come beziers is more favourite than dresdner?😱

  • How come beziers is more favourite than dresdner?😱

    Dresdner has a more difficult opponent in semifinals (THY).

    Moreover last year Volero lost at the golden set against Monza and Beziers have similar results with Volero in French league.

  • Turkey, Italy, Russia, France, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Czech, Greece, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland have 5 spots.

    Poland only 3 (2 champions league + 1 challenge cup)

  • How come HUN and CZE are so high in the ranking?:what: