South Korea - Women's V-League 2019-2020


    I'm a bit worried because she came back earlier than expected. However she played awesome today and rewarded her first triple crown within her career with 4 blocks, 3 aces. What is more amazing is 3 of her 4 blocks made from Diouf! She proved why many people want her and showed she is the best player in this league.

    In the 3rd set which was the most important set for both teams, because points gap between 2 teams would be totally different with that set.

    Lee jaeyeong played perfect in that important moment with blocking 2 of Diouf's attack and finishes the rallies with her attack. KGC became out of control after that set and lost the whole match giving 3 points to Heunguk.

    Moreover, the performance of Han songyi these days is outstanding! She blocks very well, and attacks very diverse with a,b quick and moving attack. I think she would be using as a starting MB in the national team because Lavarini doesn't like Yang hyojin's playing style. Beside from that she is really amazing these days. Anyone would expect this because she seemed too old to adjust to a new position. She was very successful player as a OH, and now she is also very good player as a MB. I'll cheer her for new golden days as a MB!

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 5 Match 13 (#176) - Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders vs. KGC - February 20th, 2020


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    Match Stats Summary:



    • KGC becomes the 2nd team to achieve 36,000 successful digs with 104 from the match (now on 36,092).
    • KGC Han Song-Yi becomes the 5th player to achieve 650 successful block points with 3 from the match (now on 652).
    • Heungkuk Pink Spiders becomes the 3rd team to achieve 36,000 successful digs with 99 from the match (now on 36,044).
    • Heungkuk Pink Spiders Lee Jae-Yeong achieved her first Triple Crown with 5 backcourt spikes, 3 aces, and 4 blocks.

      This is the 61st Triple Crown achieve by a female player and Lee Jae-Yeong is the 26th female player to achieve a Triple Crown.…o&id=641640&redirect=true

    Current Team Standings:

  • wow, thank you tiffany ... the name is in hangguk, that's why I haven't found it...

    I'm glad Lee JY back in full force... She is the best wing spiker in the league and for the NT and she proves it... I hope she can mantain her physical health.. for then she can perform well for the NT in VNL and Olympic....

  • With Heungkuk Pink Spiders beating KGC in 4 sets and getting all 3 points they now have 42 victory points. This now means that both IBK Altos and Expressway Hi-pass have officially been knockout of the playoffs. With 6 matches remaining for both IBK and Expressway, the maximum victory points they could get is only 39 and 40 victory points respectively.

    KGC still have a shot of the playoffs but it will be a tough task. With 5 matches remaining for KGC, they can only get a maximum of 49 victory points and 17 wins.

    Hyundai E&C is the first team to qualify for the post-season as they already have 51 victory points. Hyundai will still needs to battle it out for the regular-season championship and the automatic spot in finals.

    GS must get at least 1 victory point by avoiding loss all 6 remaining matches by 3-0 or 3-1. If they can get that 1 victory point then they will also guarantee their place in the post-season with 50 victory points.

    Heungkuk must get 8 victory points in their remaining 5 matches to be guaranteed for the post-season on 50 victory points. 7 victory points may not be good enough for Heungkuk as it leaves the door open for KGC to knock them out base on wins record.


    Due to the corona virus rapidly spreading in South Korea, Hi-pass decided to play the rest of their home games in the opponent's home.

    Corona virus became a huge problem in south Korea, especially in the region Daegu, and it is very near to hi-pass's homeground, Gimcheon. So they decided not to play their games in their home.

    The number of the patients who are diagnosed as corona virus in Korea is exponentially rising in the recent days. 351 people were diagnosed as corona, which is 142 people plus compared to yesterday. 4 days before it was 28, and now we cannot ignore this rapid spread of the virus.

    Therefore, KBL(Korean Basketball League) decided to play the games without the spectators.

    So KOVO is also considering to play the rest of the season without the spectators. The result isn't out yet, but I think there are a high possibilities of playing the test of the matches without the spectators. Hope this virus doesn't spread rapidly anymore and not hurt the players.

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 5 Match 14 (#179) - IBK Altos vs. Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass - February 22nd, 2020


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    Match Stats Summary:



    • IBK Altos Kim Hee-Jin becomes the 8th player to achieve 2,500 successful spike points with 12 from the match (now on 2,507).
    • IBK Altos Pyo Seung-Ju becomes the 21st player to achieve 2,000 points with 13 from the match (now on 2,005).

    Current Team Standings:

  • New Update:

    • KGC announced on Friday (Feb. 21) that acting head coach Lee Young-Taek (LYT) has been officially appointed to the head coach position full time. During LYT time in charge of KGC he has led them on a 5-match winning streak, their best winning run in the league for quite some time and now have a record of 7 wins and 6 losses. LYT took charged of KGC for the first time after former KGC head coach Seo Nam-Won stepped down from the position in early December midway into Round 3 due to poor health. Sources: 1, 2, 3
  • It is really amazing to watch the game today. It is almost full house though the wodespread corona virus.

    The 1st and 2nd set was below the expectation. GS got the sets so easily with Hyundai seems very unsettled. However as Hayley waking up in the 3rd set, Hyundai won the 3rd and the 4th set with the deuce. 5th set was also amazing with many consecutive scores, and GS takes the game coming back from 10-12 with 5 cinsecutive points.

    It will be much fun to watch the battle between Hyundai and GS with their point gap is just 1 point. I guess GS will be placed in the top at the end of the season because Hyundai is going through very hard time after the libero Kim yeon gyeon is out.

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 5 Match 15 (#181) - GS Caltex Seoul KIXX vs. Hyundai E&C Hillstate - February 23rd, 2020


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    Match Stats Summary:



    • GS Caltex An Hye-Jin becomes the 61st player to achieve 50 successful ace serves with 2 from the match (now on 50).

    Current Team Standings:

    Round 5 completed.

    Upcoming Schedule:

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Team Standings - At Completion of Round 5

    Rank Team Match Played Victory Points Won Lost Sets Ratio Points Ratio
    1 Hyundai E&C Hillstate 25 52 19 6 1.676 (62/37) 1.048 (2227/2124)
    2 GS Caltex Seoul KIXX 25 51 17 8 1.622 (60/37) 1.088 (2246/2065)
    3 Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders 25 42 12 13 1.167 (56/48) 1.052 (2307/2192)
    4 KGC 25 34 12 13 0.912 (52/57) 0.978 (2361/2415)
    5 IBK Altos 25 24 8 17 0.607 (37/61) 0.918 (2036/2217)
    6 Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass 25 22 7 18 0.571 (36/63) 0.928 (2101/2265)


    Players Overall Ranking - At Completion of Round 5

    Point TOP5 (pts)

    • 1. Valentina Diouf (KGC) - 799
    • 2. Merete Lutz (GS Caltex) - 638
    • 3. Adora Anae (IBK Altos) - 536
    • 4. Park Jeong-Ah (Expressway) - 455
    • 5. Yang Hyo-Jin (Hyundai E&C) - 409

    Spike TOP5 (Success Rate %)

    • 1. Yang Hyo-Jin (Hyundai E&C) - 43.78
    • 2. Merete Lutz (GS Caltex) - 41.52
    • 3. Valentina Diouf (KGC) - 41.37
    • 4. Lee Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk) - 39.84
    • 5. Kang So-Hwi (GS Caltex) - 39.77

    Serve TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Moon Jung-Won (Expressway) - 0.39
    • 2. Kang So-Hwi (GS Caltex) - 0.36
    • 3. Hwang Min-Kyoung (Hyundai E&C) - 0.35
    • 4. Hayley Spelman (Hyundai E&C) - 0.31
    • 5. Kim Mi-Youn (Heungkuk) - 0.27

    Block TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Yang Hyo-Jin (Hyundai E&C) - 0.84
    • 2. Kim Se-Young (Heungkuk) - 0.69
    • 3. Merete Lutz (GS Caltex) - 0.64
    • 3. Han Soo-Ji (GS Caltex) - 0.64
    • 5. Han Song-Yi (KGC) - 0.62

    Defence TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Yim Myung-Ok (Expressway) - 9.63
    • 2. Moon Jung-Won (Expressway) - 8.78
    • 3. Kim Hae-Ran (Heungkuk) - 8.07
    • 4. Oh Ji-Young (KGC) - 7.59
    • 5. Han Da-Hye (GS Caltex) - 6.98

    Set TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Lee Da-Yeong (Hyundai E&C) - 11.32
    • 2. Yeum Hye-Seon (KGC) - 10.08
    • 3. Lee Na-Yeon (IBK Altos) - 9.92
    • 4. Cho Song-Hwa (Heungkuk) - 9.64
    • 5. Lee Hyo-Hee (Expressway) - 8.64

    Reception TOP5 (Efficiency %)

    • 1. Yim Myung-Ok (Expressway) - 52.11
    • 2. Oh Ji-Young (KGC) - 43.90
    • 3. Mong Jung-Won (Expressway) - 42.66
    • 4. Han Da-Hye (GS Caltex) - 41.25
    • 5. Lee Jae-Yeong (Heungkuk) - 38.56

    Dig TOP5 (per set)

    • 1. Yim Myung-Ok (Expressway) - 6.38
    • 2. Kim Hae-Ran (Heungkuk) - 6.22
    • 3. Oh Ji-Young (KGC) - 5.63
    • 4. Kim Yeon-Gyeon (Hyundai E&C) - 5.13
    • 5. Han Da-Hye (GS Caltex) - 4.67

    Round 5 MVP

    Valentina Diouf (KGC) - 2nd photo

    154 points (1st - 138 spikes, 2 aces and 14 blocks), 0.70 blocks per set (2nd), 44.72% backcourt spike success rate (2nd), 40.83% spike success rate (4th) and 0.10 aces per set (21st).

    MVP Voting Results: Valentina Diouf 16 votes, Kang So-Hwi 9 votes, Merete Lutz 3 votes and abstention 2 votes.


  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 5 - Player Rankings (Offences)

    Points Ranking

    Spike Ranking

    Block Ranking

    Serve Ranking

    MP = Match Played, SP = Set Played.

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 5 - Player Rankings (Sets + Defences)

    Set Ranking

    Receive Ranking

    Dig Ranking

    Defence Ranking

    MP = Match Played, SP = Set Played.

  • Diouf named R5 MVP is kind of unexpected for me.. I thought it's gonna be the "usual" Lutz/Kang SH or Yang HJ/Lee DY...

    After reading the stats, I have to say I don't disagree with the voters.... She deserves it...

    Last round... I hope Hillstate can be regular season champion and directly get the spot in the final...

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 6 Match 1 (#183) - KGC vs. IBK Altos - February 25th, 2020


    Full Replay:…o&id=643367&redirect=true

    Match Photos & Videos:

    Match Result:

    Match Stats Summary:



    • IBK Altos Kim Hee-Jin becomes the 2nd player to achieve 300 successful ace serves with 1 from the match (now on 300).

    • KGC Han Song-Yi becomes the 3rd player to achieve 4,000 successful spike points with 8 from the match (now on 4,003).

    Current Team Standings:

  • From the pre-match interview for IBK vs Expressway match in Round 5, IBK Altos head coach Kim Woo-Jae revealed that MB Kim Hyun-Jeong injured her finger in training 2 or 3 days before. In the pre-match interview for yesterday match against KGC, Kim Woo-Jae said that Hyun-Jeong has a rupture of the ligament in her finger and it would be difficult for her to play. Sources: 1, 2

    KGC OH Ji Min-Kyeong injured her ankle when she rolled her ankle after landing in the first set (10-14).

    KGC dropping point will only help Heungkuk who now need just 7 points from their remaining 5 matches.

    GS Caltex have secured their place in the post-season with the win against Hyundai in the last match of Round 5. It going to be interesting to see who come out on top. If Hyundai fail to win the regular-season championship and secure their spot in the finals, I feel like there is high chance that they will get eliminated in the best of 3-match playoffs series.

  • KOVO Dodram V-League 2019-2020

    Round 6 Match 1 (#183) - KGC vs. IBK Altos - February 25th, 2020

    Empty Stadium. Very sad :(

  • Geez... Hillstate lost to Pink Spider rather quick... straight set, though had tight set 2. lost anyway...

    If I'm not mistaken, reading Korean stats at the end of the match, Hillstate made more attacking points, but less block points.. the worst is that HIllstate's errors that twice of Pink Spider's

    .. wth... Am I reading right? (Sorry, can't read Koeean letters)