2020 Men's Intercontinental Olympics Qualification Tournament

  • Well, Germany is a big question mark as well as Serbia.

    Germany lost 2-3 (13-15 in the 5th set) against Belgium in the preliminary round of the last ECH. So, I really wouldnt say the hosts will advance without problems.

    Pool B is going to be :drink:

  • Looking at these Pools, I feel bad for Bulgaria they don't have a chance and may even finish last in their pool. Is this a winner-take-all match to determine the winner?

  • Does it really matter? Only one team will qualify at the end. Be it semis or pool, you will have to beat the toughest teams at some point to make it to Tokyo. Finishing 5th is the same as finishing 2nd in my view.

  • If I were a big team and had the chance to lose my last pool match in order to eliminate another big team I'd take it... let's see how the tournament will be scheduled before jumping to conclusions. Last time Serbia didn't even make it to the semifinals. These tournaments always have some crazy surprises going on.