Puerto Rico NT 2019

  • do you know what's the story with collazo? i don't know the history of this team, so i thought she was new to the NT (and quesada) but then viewing older tapes, i see collazo has been with NT at least since 2013. recently in pan am cup and panam games, she's the 2nd OPP but she never comes on court, mieles uses victoria for double sub instead... so why is she in the team?

    any updates on shirley ferrer?

  • Collazo is part of the NT since 2012.

    She has always been a back up player in big clubs like Pinkin de Corozal and Criollas de Caguas. So she was part of the NT and had some court time, but never as a full time starter. In 2019 she signed for Llaneras de Toa Baja and had at the age of 27 her first full time starter season: she was outstanding and dominated the position beside Paulina Prieto. This is how the 2 of them are now fighting for a spot as Ocasio's back up in NT (IMHO Prieto is a better player, at least younger).

    I have no idea why Victoria was used in double change. She's quite good coming from the bench for sure.

    Shirley Ferrer is now playing abroad (France). I don't know if she retired from NT, but I don't think so: Mieles probably prefered the 2 girls playing in PR and making a show along the last season.