2019 Pan American Games

  • i noticed the schedule is quite tough for these teams. DOM x ARG was played late last night so ARG had to get up and play this morning, with not much rest. it’ll be tougher for DOM than COL in the final, since COL had a few extra hours of rest.

  • So Argentina beat again Brazil, which means getting its first medal in these competition. In two matches, Argentina got 6 sets, Brazil 0 :what:

    I know this is a B/C team, but which could be frustrating, is the way how Brazil ended without a medal. Last time was in Santo Domingo 2003, but they sent a junior there back then.

    Brazil was just one point for getting at least the silver, yesterday against Colombia. Now, nothing.

    Again, I could have understood it if Brazil had started with Tainara or Bergamann..but not. The few times Tainara came into, she left a good impression.

    Huge respect for what Ze has done for brazilian vball and world vball, but he is slowly erasing what he has done. It seems he doesnt care about what could happen to Brazil after Tokyo.

    Btw, I dont want to sound disrepectful against Argentina, Colombia or even DOM, but these games are the lowest in quality in the last 20 years.

    From epic finals, like BRA x CUB in Rio 2007, also that rematch in Guadalajara (another 5 set thriller match, when Cuba was still a reliable team, before crumbling), to low level matches.

  • I didn't think Tainara left a good impression. She just hits the ball with her highest strength, and that's it. She has 0 skills despite her strong spikes. Of course she could have had more time in the court but I don't see this amazing future that people see in her. I think other girls from the U20 this year were better.

  • Tainara has more projection than Maira and Lana together. That is more than enough.

    And I agree there are better players in the U20 team. For example, the young Kisy. For me, she has more quality to shine in the future than Bergmann and Tainara. But she is too unexperienced.

    Btw, in this Brazilian team, I liked Natinha. She digged quite well during almost all the matches.

  • Tainara has more projection than Maira and Lana together.

    Being better than these two is not really hard. Maira is a mess, she can’t hit the ball hard in any occasion. Her reception is terrible, and her block too despite her 1,87m. And about Lana... I didn’t even understood why she was there.

  • Of course overall Tainara is probably better than Lana and Maira. What I meant is that I don't see much talent in Tainara too.

    Ana Cristina and Kisy from U20 are better and should be in the senior NT in the future.

  • I think Martinez and Coneo had the performance of their life yesterday but of course Brazil was very messy. We had 21x17 to finish 3x0 and we lost the set and then the match. Says much more about our emotional skills rather than our technical skills. This has been a main issue for Brazilian teams since forever.

  • Brazil could have won 3-1, not 3-0. Brazil got trashed 25-14 in the third set.

    They were leading 17-12 and then 21-17, but COL was just too focused and played with a lot of heart. Way too many sets to Lorenne in that part of set, when she was clearly not jumping as before decided the match.

    Btw, I guess so far nobody has pointed it out, but colombian libero, Camila Gomez, has been pretty solid throughout all the competition.

  • Rivera screaming at colombia's players (especially at Valerin). Let's see how this ends...

  • I am just wondering who will replace Rivera once she retires. She will be 35 in some months. Well, she also belongs to the unknown age club.

    No counting Castillo, Rivera is the only reliable receiver in all the team. Yonkaira, Brayelin, Bethania are great spikers, but not enough good receivers. Guillen looks like a good prospect, but as spiker. Natalia Martinez the same.

  • Dream team

    Fresco ARG/Victoria ARG

    Bethania DOM/Brayelin DOM

    Jainery DOM/Lisvel DOM

    Camila Gomez COL

    MVP: Bethania DOM

    I think one of Colombia's OH should have been awarded. And I think Maria Alejandra was better than Victoria.