2019 Asian Women's Volleyball Championship (August 18–25, Seoul)

  • JPN 2–1 KOR

    Mayu Ishikawa :thumbup:

  • The CCTV stream switched to some soccer game . damn, I could download that one. The Korean one isn't available

  • Now the setter of U20 is on court

    No, that's Tamaki Matsui. A college girl. She was U20 in 2017

  • The match isn't over yet people :rolll:

  • https://live.qq.com/10009454 please have a try

    I'm still watching the Korean stream. It's fine, but not downloadable.

  • I made a big stink how cool it was to have Yamada at the service line down the stretch and she's let me down a little bit lately with service errors. Still I'll take her any time

  • Damn service errors lol

  • Finish the damn match Japan geez

  • Payback's a bitch Korea :rolll:

  • If this Japan Squad goes on to Gold it will make my year :super:

  • Mayu Ishikawa and I will probably never be BFF because she's stolen my limelight twice and she likes high sets, but I gotta hand it to her. She is the postman, the FedeX driver, the UPS dude. She's delivering :thumbup:

  • Wow....... Can't belive what happened in front od me now😂😂 japan u-20 is really a decent team. Their future is really bright. They're gonna take the starting line up in near future.

    Korea today didn't make few a,b quicks and that's the reason for the defeat. Also the setter's toss was really unstable making the wing spikers playing so hard. Hope the return of Lee dayeong soon.

  • Anyone else questioned about this Japan squad at this tournament? They're going to the final now, beating the host at semifinal!

    Hats off to Ishikawa, Yamada, Seki, Osanai, Soga, Hirayama, Mizusugi, coach Aihara and all team!!

    (づ ‾‾ ³ ‾‾ )づ♥❤