2019 VTV International Women's Volleyball Cup (Aug 3–10, Quang Nam)

  • VTV International Women's Volleyball Cup is an international women's volleyball tournament organized by the Volleyball Federation of Vietnam, and sponsored by Vietnam Television (VTV). The cup was established in 2004.

    VTV Cup 2019 , also known as the League women's volleyball international VTV Cup Hoa Sen in 2019, is the 16th edition.

    7 teams in the tournament.

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  • There are only the Gold, Bronze, and some other match left to go but I wanted to create the thread so our Vietnamese Friends and Fans will have a place to celebrate if they win this thing. And so I can stop posting about it in the Japan V.League thread.

    Gold Medal Match is between Vietnam and Japan's NEC Red Rockets at 8:00pm, August 10 (local time UTC+7) which is 6:00am in San Francisco. NEC is playing a B Team of sorts. They are all so awesome it's hard to call them a B Team but Koga, Hirose, Shimamura, Yamada and YOLO are not there.

    Both teams are undefeated so far.

    August 3 20:00 Vietnam Vietnam 3–0 Taipei China Taipei University of China 25–14 25–17 25–20 75–51
    August 4 19:00
    Taipei University of China Taipei China 3–0 Kazakhstan Altay Club 25–19 25–23 25–22 75–64
    August 5 19:00
    Vietnam Vietnam 3–0 Kazakhstan Altay Club 25–14 25–11 25–13 75–38

    August 3 17:00 NEC Red Rockets Japan 3–0 Australia Australia 25–13 25–17 25–9 75–39
    August 4 17:00 North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea 3–0 China Fujian club 25–11 25–16 25–15 75–42
    August 5 15:00 NEC Red Rockets Japan 3–0 China Fujian club 25–18 25–16 25–20 75–54
    August 5 17:00 Australia Australia 0–3 Democratic People's Republic of Korea North Korea 19–25 10–25 10–25 39–75
    August 6 17:00 Fujian club China 3–1 Australia Australia 25–22 18–25 25–18 25-20 93–70
    August 6 19:00
    North KoreaDemocratic People's Republic of Korea 2–3 Japan NEC Red Rockets 27–25 25–19 23–25 21–25 14–16 110–110


    August 8 16:30 Taipei University of China Taipei China 0–3 China Fujian club 20–25 14–25 10–25 44–75
    August 8 19:00
    North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea 3–0 Kazakhstan Altay Club 25–10 25–12 25–12 75–34


    August 9 17:00 NEC Red Rockets Japan 3–0 China Fujian club 25–22 25–11 25–19 75–52
    August 9 7:00 pm Vietnam Vietnam 3–2 Democratic People's Republic of Korea North Korea 19–25 22–25 25–23 25–23 15–12 106–108
  • And to give North Korea a little love. They're having a hard time. They play a whiny, bitch & moan at your teammates and anybody else who displeases you Euro-style game --especially #5-- but I like them. They're spunky and weird. Really like their libero who seems like the Commander when she's on the floor, and #3 Jin-Sim Jong who is a known star of sorts.

    In their match against NEC they were down 15–23 in the first set and came back to win it 27–25. Then they took the 2nd set handily. NEC takes 3&4 and the match goes to a Tie Break. With NEC up 15–14 Misaki Yamauchi serves. I mistakenly thought it was a Ball in/out call that gave the match to NEC but forzalube correctly pointed out it was a rotation error. A rotation error to lose a match. Super ouch! :rolll: North Korea was not happy. I found a video that I can embed here and have it queued up to the last serve and its aftermath:

    And then, in the Semi-Final match against Vietnam they staged a walkout, or something. For those who don't read the Japan threads I'm moving my post from there over to here. To wit:

    Wow, things are heating up in the VTV Cup :box: NEC Red Rockets won their SF match against Club Fujian. No surprise.

    Then VIE v PRK :) Once again (like against NEC) PRK take the first two sets. Trần Thị Thanh Thúy didn't show up until, I think, the second TTO of set 2 to much fanfare. She started set 3 and Vietnam took the next two sets.

    In the Tie Break (I hope forzalube will help correct me if I'm wrong 8) ) at 3–0 in favor of Vietnam, NK sort of gave up a bit on a play because of what looked like an obvious double touch by VIE. Ref didn't call it and VIE ended up winning the point. NK complained to a quick Yellow Card. Then, to me, it looked like NK walked off court and refused to return. After about 5 minutes, some dude from up in the white tablecloth and ribbons section of the stands came down and had a few words with the NK Coach. Play resumed.

    Vietnam win the match. Trần Thị Thanh Thúy didn't play the final few points because I think the rotation had her in the back row. Other Viet players stepped up. Good job in blocking. This was a great fun match! If for no other reason than the Quang Nam crowd was electric ... and it was a down-two-sets comeback. Maybe not up to the Russia/Korea or Italy/Japan matches because they involved Europeans, but it has its charm.

    I hope Vietnam wins Gold.

    Here's the match if anyone wants to watch it. I have it queued up to the controversial Tie-Break play (3–0 VIE)

    At 2:32, watch #3 Jin-Sim Jong's reaction to the Ref who touches her to try to get her to go back to the huddle, or whatever. She's having no part of it :box: :rolll:

  • Also, for those not playing along in the Japan threads, there was some speculation as to whether or not 192cm Vietnamese OH Trần Thị Thanh Thúy was going to play in the semifinal match against NK due to some injury. That's probably why she didn't enter the match until the home stretch of set 2. I've only started watching her more closely in this tournament and thought she looked a little slow, mostly on defense. I'm not familiar enough with her to know if her Zhu Ting style just jump up and hit the ball is her regular approach or if it's due to injury. She did smack a few from downtown, though.

    So now we wait with bated breath to see if she is healthy enough for the Final Match against NEC Red Rockets in 18 hours.

    Godspeed, girl:

    That's her sometime during the 1st set looking a little anxious

  • Another reason to watch the VIE v PRK match is North Korea's #12 gives Turkey's U20 #16 a run for her money for the most peculiar serve approach. It's uncomfortable to watch, like she's doing a drunken parody of the typical Korea approach of run in place and then hurry up and serve. It's more suspenseful than Amanda's in making you wonder if the actual :serve: can be accomplished

  • NEC takes set 2.

    4T is in uniform, hanging with the team. This place will go nuts if/when she enters the match. I think she will.

    These Viet players are really growing on me. The thing I like most about them is they seem to genuinely love the defensive part of the game :rose:

  • Final Standings:

    first NEC Red Rockets
    2 Vietnam
    3 North Korea
    4 Fujian club
    5 Taipei University of China
    6 Australia
    7 Altay Club

    Player Awards:

    MVP Mizuki Yanagita
    Mizuki Yanagita (NEC)
    Best OHs
    Hyon-Ju Kim
    Hyon-Ju Kim (PRK)

    Jin-Sim Jong (PRK)
    Best MBs
    Bùi Thị Ngà
    Bùi Thị Ngà (VIE)
    Shiori Aratani
    Shiori Aratani (NEC)
    Best Libero
    Manami Kojima
    Manami Kojima
    Best Setter
    Shiori Tsukada
    Shiori Tsukada (NEC)
    Best Opposite
    Đặng Thị Kim Thanh
    Đặng Thị Kim Thanh (VIE)
    Miss Volleyball

    Dinara Syzdykova

  • She got injured in the last match of preliminary round. Local fan are now worried she will miss the chance to play for Denso as her probation with the Japanese club is gonna start next wednesday.

    I'm so bummed and feel bad for her. I was dreaming of Denso giving Hisamitsu a run for their money with 4T in the lineup. Please do keep us informed on her status if you can