2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • According to a Brazilian site, the 4 wild cards will go to Vakifbank, Eczacibasi, Imoco Conegliano and Praia Clube and these are the 2 pools.

    Zhu needs to go to Tianjin, imagine that!

  • Zhu is likely to join Guangdong Evergrande club for the tournament according to the rumors. TianJin volleyball club is a shitty place with awful reputation. keeping player healthy is never their priority. the fans there are also notorious. I hope Zhu stay away from TIanjian for her own benefit.

  • If Zhu joins Guangdong she'll be with Rabadzhieva and Kosheleva. Their current setters are still young and inexperienced, maybe Ding Xia could join to help.

    If she joins Tianjin she'll be with Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan, with Yao Di setting. Not official, but I've read rumors that Hooker may join Tianjin.

    I think it also all depends on which team other NT members join and if their club is willing to loan them temporarily.

  • I think it is great That we have 2 teams from Italy, Turkey, Brazil and China.

  • It's sad that Minas is with Conegliano.

    Praia has a much better chance to reach the semifinals.

  • Wow with Zhu and Hooker coming to Tianjin Pool B is really becoming very interesting........

    I can't wait to watch this WCCH it will be so interesting :D

  • There is a chance that Tianjin will "borrow" players from others teams in Chinese VL for the CWC

    That would be so stupid, than any other team can "borrow" players from their leagues..

  • Zhejiang did it last year IIRC.

    Guangdong did it at the 2013 wcc too. I don't think Tianjin needs to this time, they have a competitive team this year with the addition with Zhu and Hooker

    Thailand always does that. Essentially sends their NT in the guise of some Club. Kind of sketchy but I'm cool with it :S

  • We will have again Boskovic - Egonu - Zhu fight :box: