2019 FIVB Women's Club World Championship

  • Europe won this competition!

    European clubs (Turkish and Italian) hire almost all the good players perhaps the best in the world to play in and for their clubs. I don’t know how many (limit) foreign players each leagues in Europe can have in each team. In CVL, I see the Chinese teams have 3 foreign players the most (only Beijing team has 3 ) but usually 1 or 2. CVL limits only 2 foreign players to play together in the game. Don’t think the Turkish or Italian teams would be as dominate as they are if the European clubs have the CVL limit.

  • Wow Minas couldn't even beat Conegliano bench players :white:

    15th victory in the row

    And Egonu got one day extra rest as other girls :)

    This Minas would probably lose to Perugia, Caserta, Filottrano... ;(;(;(

  • It's ridiculous, but Boskovic had 11 points in 1st set which was the most difficult one, 9 in 3rd and only 4 in second which was the easiest one. That tells you that she performs as well as her team needs her to, taking complete charge when the it's tough and happily taking the back-seat when it's smooth sailing.

    Now with Veljkovic out, and all the other key players of Novara having to play 4 matches in 5 days with 2 difficult 5-setters, it really looks they are big underdogs in semi, even though they ended up 1st in their group.

  • Novara is playing as underdog throughout the entirety of this competition... I know Arrighetti is not near as good as Veljkovic (poor Veljkovic, I hope she recovers soon :heart:), but, who knows... I don't doubt anything coming from Novara at the moment

  • Weird to see Ognjenovic totally ignoring her middles. Maybe cause Guidetti wasn’t happy with her trying to force Rasic yesterday?


    I think Giu wants to establish Haak as the go to player and truly find out what she's made of. Especially if the rumors about Egonu are true. He needs to know that what Haak can deliver.

  • I can only imagine how much Brakocevic is salivating at this opportunity to show the youngster who's (still) the boss!:P:rolll:

  • This Minas would probably lose to Perugia, Caserta, Filottrano... ;(;(;(

    Last year Praia even lost in Friendly match against CHIERI before WCCH but that is okej HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Predic for tomorrow:

    Eczacibasi-Novara 3-1

    Vakifbank-Conegliano 0:3

  • Eczacibasi - Novara 1:3

    Conegliano - Vakifbank 3:0

  • My God, you can't even play predicition game :lol::lol::lol: